December 3, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

When DAP’s ‘Change’ implies a much more ‘deep shit’ future….

That is what one might conclude after seeing the kind of ‘Change’ that is being presented to us, the Malaysian voting public.

After all, the media hype with regard to the so called ‘Change’ that DAP seems to brandish in its rhetorical election banners doesn’t really give us the assurance that the young candidates it presents to us the Malaysian citizenry are reliable as the ‘future’ generation of leaders to run or in reality ‘ruin’ this country.

Incompetence 101! From what we can see above, this kind of ‘Change’ only deserves our sympathy and some loose change!

Penangites would say, ‘Hello Ah Moi! Nah ambik dua kupang, pi main jauh jauh!’ 😛

I am all for fresh young blood to reform the nation’s governance but looking at the immature lost for words politicians that DAP has in the example shown above doesn’t really promise that things will be better for Malaysia.

In fact we might end up inviting in the burglars for fear of the so called robbers at large!

The Malays sum it up nicely with the famous parable ‘Takutkan perompak ; dijemput masuk penyamun!’

Is that what we want?

No sirree!

I want neither.

I’d prefer a brand new group of able and capable fresh politicians with no unsavory baggage.

Both the BN and the Opposition Pact need to present us with a better choice of candidates and get rid of corrupt, rhetoric spewing freeloaders.

Yes. We have all been forced to accept half past six political dinosaurs in both sides of the fence.

Its getting to be a tad boring to see the same old geezers hog the limelight and keep spewing useless banter year in year out!

Let’s have some real change in the coming GE minus the 60+ old geezers who have in actuality gone way past the shelf expiry date.

If we are to have opposition, let such opposition be made up of reliable trustworthy young bright and brilliant proven to deliver candidates.

Not stammering, ‘clueless in KL’ or whatever other locale ‘dumb blur‘ lame sorry excuses for politicians like what we have here.


Come on lah!

Malaysians need better!

We want to be served by professional people who know what the bloody hell they are talking about.

Not amateurs slotted in there like a rush job substitute!

You want to rule the land, you better be made up of true reliable calibre.

Not some pasar malam types who don’t know heck about what’s going on?

I hope PM Najib can learn from all the past screw ups taking place since he took office and learn to consult the alims and ulamaks before coming to any decision with regard to national issues that affect us all, like the recent Bible in Malay fiasco, he let slip past his fingers like handing over control of the matter to Idris with a torn’ Jala’. ‘Pun’ intended’. 

Its like asking the cat to watch over the fishes. 😛

See what he has done?

Back to the matter at hand.

Malaysians deserve better quality politicians from both sides of the fence.

The clueless ones as in the example above would do better to go back to political science school!

Bloody embarrassing lah!

In the meantime, go ahead and keep the bistro owners happy….:P

After all is said and done, the YB’s get to fatten their wallets and move to a brand new bungalow, complete with a flashy new car and driver.

The common Malaysians still have to live life as usual.

No more YB belanja. Sendiri bayar aa..

Let’s listen to what the late Cikgu Naim has to sing about the YB :

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