April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Pimps, Prostitutes, Politicians.

The connection between the three seems to be forged in a climate of earthly desires that tends to overwhelm those who are amongst the rich and quite infamous.

Malaysia has been caught in a swirl of sordid allegations and an obvious case of political entrapment using the age old method involving titled pimps and a China Doll ‘prostitute.

The pimp has been identified as Datuk  Eskay Syazryl Abdullah, a former masseuse and physiotherapist for the American Olympics gymnastic team and the Dallas Cowboys.

Carrying the title ‘Datuk’ here in Malaysia is like having the British Knighthood which carries the title ‘Sir’ over in the UK. Imagine having a ‘Datuk’ playing the part of a pimp for the leading opposition politician whom they have set their sights upon?

Its not a pretty sight as we witness the politician’s family come to his defense as they inadvertently are dragged to the fore of this entrapment in the form of a scandal that the perpetrators draw it out to be.

Which wife would want to let her husband be quartered and drawn by his foes? Naturally she will never allow her beau to be harmed in any way for he is not only her life partner and father to her 6 kids but also the Malaysian Opposition leader.

If he falls from grace, the entire Malaysian Opposition pact will follow suit ala the ‘Domino theory’. It will derail their mission to take over Putrajaya indefinitely!

The weird thing is that this pimp in the form of Datuk Eskay seems to be above the law as far as the legal process of this nation is concerned. 

No action seems to have been taken upon all 3 of them @ Datuk ‘Trio’ who admitted being responsible over the lewd video that incriminates their intended sheep for the political slaughter.

I am starting to have my doubts as to the standing of this nation’s due process and upholding of the existing laws?

Maybe it is now alright for smut peddlars in the form of titled individuals to entrap and attempt to implicate their political foes as what they have done to Anwar?

Only thing is that no matter how we see it, something just doesn’t seem right.

The entrapment seems not to stick no matter what and we are all presented with an inertia of the justice system.

The law seems to be just a tease. There is a general sense of discontent amongst the populace with the way some small fry are grilled to the bone whilst the marauding behemoths are left to roam as they please.

This is not right. The law must be upheld and enforced to ensure the stability of our nation. 

When those who have been appointed to oversee the safety and security of the nation fail to see to it that justice is not only upheld but its rulings and guidelines implemented to the letter, then we will all be facing the dangers of insubordination amongst the ones in authority and the festering of preferential treatment amongst the law agencies.

The ‘close one eye’ syndrome. Catch and release ploy. No true justice at work.
All these will give birth to what we are now seeing take place before us.

Pimps, prostitutes and self serving politicians at play.

Home Minister Dato Seri Hishamudin Tun Hussein Onn needs to reflect on a saying by the late US President Abraham Lincoln:

‘You can’t escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today!’

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