February 27, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Facebook ~ Have you watched this video about how they are milking our info?

Pretty scary stuff. The way Facebook utilizes one application after another to milk our private and personal info.

The following video is very straight forward and shows just what happens when those who get bitten by the Facebook virus end up disclosing almost everything about their personal life and itty bitty details.

The espionage agencies of the world would be very happily tapping in to the lives of billions of Facebookers collecting vital information supplied to them by those who are just too naive to know that whatever confidential details about themselves that they do not have any form of control over is gonna comeback and bite them in the ass, metaphorically speaking!  

Really! This is no joke! Please stop exposing all personal details about yourself and stupidly letting others milk such personal and private data about you! Even Obama warned the world about disclosing too much about oneself in Facebook!

Here’s another video that warns young people about posting sensitive information or explicit pictures that can and will return to harm them when they least expect it.

Once you press the Enter key and open yourself up to the entire internet, there is no ‘Backspace’ thats gonna be able to undo the harm you’ve done to yourself.

So please, be extra careful about losing control over sensitive data and info about your private confidential information. If it falls into the wrong hands, life will not be worth living anymore when you are hounded by the devil’s spawn in human form.

Please spread this article to all those whom you care about and help them stop disclosing too much vital info in Facebook.

Chances are that you might just lose face when the global audience sees things about our own selfs that they should not!

Better to be safe than sorry!

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