December 2, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

MCCBCHST ~ Why are they silent about gambling being said to be a right for Non Muslims?

I refer to the recent brouhaha by certain quarters such as the MCA being said to be fuming mad over the gambling ban by the Kelantan PAS State Government in the Opposition run state.

Whenever matters pertaining to the religious conversions by Non Muslims to Islam are highlighted in the major newspapers especially those run by the Malaysian Opposition and their mouthpieces such as Malaysiakini, Malaysian Insider, Malaysian Chronicle, Malaysia Today, Malaysian Digest, The Rocket, Harakah, Suara Keadilan and what have we, the MCCBCHST has been quite vocal in raising their protests and have always lambasted the BN Federal Government for the choices made by the converts to Islam out of their own free will.

UMNO and the BN Federal Government of Malaysia, the ultimate official scapegoat for all that the Malaysian Opposition and the MCCBCHST are not happy about have always been blamed by them for almost anything and everything under the sun!

Someone converts to Islam on his or her own without informing their family, dies and upon his or her death becomes a subject of contention for the Islamic religious authorities to handle his or her burial according to the dictates of the Islamic faith, the unsuspecting Non Muslim family of the deceased cry foul and a tug of war erupts like on cue!

Who gets blamed?

JAKIM or any other State Islamic Religious Authority involved! 

They get plastered with the term ‘corpse snatchers‘ by the parties involved. All because the Islamic Religious Authorities just want to do their jobs as entrusted by the departed soul of the reverts to Islam.

This is getting to be a royal headache. Its simply nauseating to read about and witness the constant griping and scapegoating of people who are just trying to carry out their responsibilities to the deceased.

Now, we hear about the gambling ban by the Kelantan PAS State Government in their state being vehemently objected to by the MCA on the grounds that it infringes the rights of Non Muslims to gamble!

Not a bloody whimper comes out from the MCCBCHST!


Not a squeak!

A commentator in my blog @ Kenn reiterates that gambling is not allowed in Non Islamic faiths!

I believe so too! Except for the matter of our difference in believing Allah the Almighty as our Lord, Supreme Master and Creator, I for one think that most of us share common values in the matter of good versus evil.

Is there any Non Islamic beliefs or faiths out there that condones or allows the sinful activities such as gambling, alcoholism, fornication, homosexuality, lesbianism, etc.?

I am really curious to find out.

I would be very grateful if any leader of the MCCBCHST is willing to share with me and the Malaysian blog reading public or the whole wide world’s population for the matter if their respective faiths do allow such sinful pursuits?

Since the MCA’s Central Committee Member Datuk Ti Lian Ker takes offense at the Kelantan PAS State Government’s closure of lottery and betting outlets and declares it as infringing upon the Chinese’s rights to gamble, I am just wondering whether the MCCBCHST representing the majority of the Non Muslims here in Malaysia would be willing to address this matter once and for all?

I have already lambasted DPM Tan Sri Muhyiddin Hj Yassin’s statement in my earlier post here where he is reported to have cautioned the Malaysian Chinese community about their rights to gamble away as they please being taken away by the Kelantan PAS State Government. 

I seriously believe that if the report attributed to him having stated so is true, that he has committed a severe faux pas in overlooking the fact that gambling is haram in Islam and harmful to mankind in general.

Yet to just criticize him alone without addressing the core subject as to whether Non Islamic beliefs or faiths allow such sinful pursuits must not be allowed to be left aside?

Hence, my invitation to the Malaysian Consultative Council on Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism to explain to us as to where they stand on this matter?

The ball, dear MCCBCHST, so to speak, is now in your court!

I’m all ears. 🙂

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