February 27, 2024


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Job applications ~ The good, bad and ugly among the various candidates

Its not a walk in the park as far as going through the hundreds of job applications that have reached my inbox. 

From the over qualified to the outrageously childish ones that really has me questioning as to how these applicants were even allowed to graduate from their colleges or universities in the first place?

So many of the ones who were applying for jobs which we advertised so apparently clear didn’t state which particular job they were applying for?

If I am to exercise my right to vet through these applications, I’d waste no time in just moving such applications into the ‘Disqualified applications’ listing.

Imagine, the audacity of these applicants to expect the Employer to have to do extra work in investigating as to what job these obviously unreliable people are even applying for in the first place?

How the hell can we be expected to know as to what job it is that these folks are applying for or whether they are even worth interviewing?

When a job applicant sends in an application with the subject heading in the email ‘apply job’, it actually sends a signal to the Employer to dismiss such an application right away!

Really! How can we go on and trust this applicant to be able to do a good job when they ‘proclaim’ out loud at the very first exchange that we would end up having to ‘train’ this person from day one to do something that they should be well capable to just come in and impress us with what they can deliver?

I’m really very surprised to see folks with degrees and diplomas be so weak in writing job applications. Some do not even bother to use proper English and they mess up their words and puts us off with their first line of introduction.

For a WebTV to be able to deliver the very best of programs and productions, it is imperative that we set the bar high. As high as we can according to the international standards for we will be accessible globally once we start streaming our programs through our portal online. 

So, it is important that we choose only the cream of the crop so to speak who can not only deliver whatever they promise but do so with a certain standard that will set us apart from the run of the mill offerings some sites dish out!

As I said, there are the good, those who are bad and some downright ugly!

I have received some applications from really good candidates who are accomplished cameramen and video editors! 

Here’s wishing that we will be able to sieve through the hundreds of applications that have come our way and end up with some brilliant gems who are masters in their field and make us proud.

Looking forward to shortlisting the applications and interview the job seekers!

May we get the right people for us to make this up and coming WebTV a success! 

Insya Allah!

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