February 27, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Egyptians rejoice ~ Ladies and gentlemen, Husni Mubarak has left the Presidency!

In a total reverse of his earlier recalcitrant defiant statement that he will not resign as the President of the Republic of Egypt despite the 17 day uprising by the trodden Egyptian masses calling for his departure, Husni Mubarak finally relented and stepped down after 3 decades of suppressing his nation and became another statistic in the ongoing domino list of fallen Arab dictators and heads of oppressive vicious regimes!

I have been following the status of the Egyptian uprising ever since it started but have been terribly busy with work and could not find time to blog about it.

I have been reading about the way our Malaysian BN Federal government has successfully brought back the majority of our fellow Malaysians especially the 11000 over students safely back home from being caught in the viciousness that pro-Mubarak forces unleashed unto the Egyptian population in the early part of the people’s revolution!

It didn’t help that there were quite a few pro Malaysian opposition cybersniping anonymous bloggers who were stupidly publishing fabricated reports of Malaysian students getting raped, etcetera causing alarm amongst the parents and general Malaysian populace fearing for the safety and wellbeing of their loved ones caught in that Egyptian upheaval.

Deep down in my heart, I prayed that such blog reports were not true and I have been proven right. Alhamdulillah! I knew that such reports were fabricated as no major newspapers especially the Western foreign press had reported anything of the sort! 

They would have pounced on such incidents if they were true like hungry wolves zooming in for the kill in a split second? CNN, AP, Reuters, Al Jazeera, Fox News, etc. would have had a field day repeating such atrocities over and over on their channels like there would be no tomorrow!!!

Damn those asinine cowardly so called bloggers for adding to our anxieties! The MCMC should trace these cowards and lay the smackdown on their asses but then again when has our Malaysian authorities really meant business in upholding the plethora of manmade laws ever since Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad resigned as the most kick ass PM of Malaysia?

Even to this day, many shy away from saying anything to his face and they get a severe case of the shrunken gonads rather than lay it to him, man to man. He may no longer wield any actual power and be criticized, called names, lampooned in the many opposition forums, blogs and online alternative portals but most do so under a pseudonym! No guts to face an octogenarian as true gentlemen!

Husni Mubarak was ruthless and his Egyptian Secret Police were a real terror to the masses. Mahathir may have been hard but Malaysians were still able to go about their business in earning a living and the only ones complaining like gone loco donkeys were those clamoring after political power!

The average Ahmad, Ah Seng or Samy are still able to earn their keep and only those who expect to be spoon fed around the clock are braying here and there. We can’t liken the situation in Egypt and here in Malaysia per se.

That would be stupid. Things here are not that bad as over in Cairo or Alexandria during the Mubarak regime’s heydays. We can still ‘cari makan’ over here in KL or any of the other major cities in Malaysia. Can’t say the same for Penang, though.

The Penangites who used to have it easy setting up stalls as they damn well pleased to ‘cari makan’ find themselves on the Penang DAP State Government’s cleanup list and You Tube is chock full of such unhappy voices cursing the hell out of Lim Guan Eng and his Exco’s enforcements. 

I for one winced in utter disgust when I saw the way the Komtar State Rep went about confiscating a nasi kandar operator’s trade utilities, equipment and even personally handled a gas canister with a mean, menacing scowl on his unattractive persona ordering the Penang Municipal City Council enforcement squad about on that fateful raid!

So many Penang Malays and Indian Muslims are crying foul day by day and I just worry that one of these days, someone’s gonna lose his or her patience and run amok on these DAP guys who are fulfilling one of their top guns desire to be ‘Chief Minister with POWERRRRRRR!’ I am referring to Guan Eng’s Papa of course! 😛 

Still remember the election posters of Kit Siang in that Robocop helmet that were plastered all over Georgetown, my home city. 🙂

Back to Mubarak. 

The ruthless dictator must not be left easy. Reports of him having amassed over USD$70 billion in gold bullion overseas ought to be thoroughly investigated and if found to be true, such wealth must be confiscated and brought back to be used a brand new just Egyptian republic.

Reading about Egyptians being so poor that many are forced to subsist on a meagre USD$ 1 or 2 dollars a day income was so sickening and I felt such a deep loathing for the bloody old dictator!

By right, Mubarak ought to be hauled before a court and tried for his decades of crime and oppression of the Egyptians! So many lives have been lost during his tyrannic rule. 

He ordered the borders to be closed to stop Gazan Palestinians from entering Egypt to escape Zionist Israelis aggression causing so many to lose their lives at the border gates. Forcing the Palestinians to go underground, digging deep tunnels across the borders in order to survive and to get provisions for their suffering families withering away under the Israeli regime’s onslaught!

Mubarak and Zionist Israelis. Although differing in faith, their ruthlessness were like a match made in Hell. No wonder that the Israeli regime over in Tel Aviv are getting sleepless ever since the Egyptian revolution started?

With Mubarak now gone, Netanyahu is worried about the Egypt-Israel peace pact that had kept the Zionist regime safe all these while from reprisals by the embattled Arabs who despise the regime’s ruthless oppression of the surrounding Middle East nations.

Anyway, the Israeli worries are their business. Occupiers of other people’s lands can’t expect the local population to just roll over and let them lord it over the rightful citizens of Palestine just like that? They will never be allowed to rob the Palestinians of their homelands till Doomsday! That’s for sure!

Egyptians should now go for a proper election process to elect and appoint a true democratic government made up of suitable and capable leaders. Egypt is one of the world’s ancient civilizations. The cradle of knowledge.

I am sure that by going about the restoration of freedom in the truest sense of the word, Egyptians can look forward to a better life ahead. Learn from your mistakes and sieve through the electoral candidates to ensure no future tyrant gets elected.

The Egyptian Army must be congratulated for not kowtowing to Mubarak’s orders that they put down the revolution with force. Today’s Egypt owes its newfound freedom both to its courageous, resilient citizens plus a restrained and independent armed forces who should have done this decades ago when Mubarak started abusing the Egyptians trust!

The pyramids of Giza were once the symbols of the Pharaoh’s extravagance which led to the suffering of hundreds of thousands of slaves and oppressed civilians. Let’s not be forced to witness any further wasteful pursuits of any of the Egyptian leaders who will be elected in the future.

There must be rules and guidelines drawn up by the future Parliament of Egypt to make sure that no other dictators or regimes be allowed to oppress the people.

May Egypt recover and prosper soon so that the countries of the Muslim Middle East be rid of similar despots such as the accursed one who has now fled to the resort city of Sharm el Sheikh. The Egyptians must not let him be. He must be hunted down and brought to justice!

He has run. He must not be allowed to hide! 300 lives have been lost as a result of the despot’s minions ruthless beating down of his people at Tahrir Square!

An eye for an eye. Blood for blood! Let his fate be a lesson for future tyrants!
Let there be Justice for Egypt!

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