December 11, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

N5 Tenang By-Election ~ Guess who’s on MC at the taxpayer’s expense and yet out campaigning?

Well, I just have to hand it to Blogger Marahku for this incriminating expose of the PAS candidate’s husband who has pulled a fast one at the expense of the taxpayers in which he has fraudulently acquired medical leave for 21days but misused such leave to join his wife in the N5 Tenang by election campaign!

Hello! This blatant cheating by one who is a teacher just blows to bit any ounce of righteousness by the man and throws out any semblance to good character and trustworthiness on the husband’s part.

Yeah, he’s not the one standing for election but such an obvious breach of trust by him just destroys any sense of being impeccable in character for the man and his PAS candidate wife ex-teacher Normala Sudirman!

Here he is seen campaigning with his wife when he is supposed to be sick and on medical leave!!!

All photo credits belong to Blogger My Anger

Guess that nowadays one has to be really careful as to whom to trust and if not for the in depth investigative work by Blogger Syamsul, we would all be in the dark about such criminal breach of trusts by those who are supposed to be role models for our Malaysian society?

If they can hoodwink the Ministry of Education in something as important as an MC, can we trust these people in matters of national importance?

Going on MC and getting paid when one is not really sick is tantamount to feeding on salaries that one has not truly earned and it becomes haram to the fraudster who in turn feeds his family or dependents with such ill gained income.

To the voters of N5 Tenang, choose wisely as to whom you elect to represent you?

Chances are that such folks might not turn up for duty if elected because as they say ‘Practice makes perfect!’ and these people are supposed to be teachers?

Hope they don’t teach their students this special art of going on fraudulent medical leave!

This is just so disheartening! I’m truly disappointed!

This is clearly a classic case of when alims become zalim!

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