December 2, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

DAP Penang State Government victimizing Penang Indian Muslim traders!

I would like to question the blatant abuse of power by the DAP Komtar State Assemblyman who arrogantly orders the Penang City Council Enforcement Team to confiscate stainless steel equipment and even a refrigerator from the Nasi Kandar outlet that became the latest victim of official DAP tyranny over there in Penang?

Would the DAP be as strict with enforcing such action on all traders there in Penang where those of us who are Penangites know as to the obvious bias there with regard to the DAP closing one eye on the Chinese illegal traders who outnumber the Malays and Mamaks at any one time if we are to conduct a spotcheck without giving a damn as to who is flouting the laws there?

One look at the face of this obvious arrogant @#$%^&*! and we know the kind of bloody pompous power crazy maniacs we have terrorizing the Muslim traders over there!

I call upon all Muslim traders and businessmen of Penang to rally behind the victimized trader and seek the return of all his trading equipment back to him promptly!

Hangpa nak tunggu apa lagi?

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