February 27, 2024


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Ong Chew Tee gets new roof ~ Thanks to YB P. Kamalanathan, Hulu Selangor MP!

All praises be to Allah the Almighty for granting my wish for Ong Chew Tee, the Kg.Gurney, Hulu Yam Baru villager to have a new roof over his head through the generosity and care of the Hulu Selangor Member of Parliament, YB P.Kamalanathan who has graciously consented to see to it that Ong Chew Tee’s new roof is going to be installed before the coming Chinese New Year!

Yesterday, I drove all the way up to YB Kamalanathan’s Service Center at Bandar Baru Bukit Beruntung and met the MP who then took me with him on a drive to Ong Chew Tee’s leaking home.

The elderly Chinese villager with his trademark shirtless and shoeless self was so happy to receive us and he gratefully took YB Kamalanathan and us to view the poor condition of his dilapidated ceiling and rusted roofing with obvious signs of leaks everywhere.

I can just imagine how dreadful it must be for him when a heavy downpour takes place in these rainy season?

He had plastic containers and basins all over the floor to contain the deluge that would be flooding his home every time it rains.

Well starting from this week that headache will be no more thanks to YB P.Kamalanathan who has engaged a roofing contractor to replace the leaking rusted roofs of Ong Chew Tee’s ancestral home there in the rural areas of Hulu Selangor.

As you can see in the video that I managed to upload here, Ong Chew Tee’s home is not the typical Chinese home that one sees in the suburbs of KL and other major cities.

Its just a humble village dwelling where the roofing is made up of the usual zinc sheets which after a few years will corrode and leak if no proper maintenance is carried out or coated with weather proof painting or other forms of protective coverings to withstand our tropical climate and incessant monsoons which usually render inadequately protected roofings damaged in a very short matter of time and exposure.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to YB P.Kamalanathan, the Barisan Nasional MP for Hulu Selangor for making it possible for me to fulfill my promise to Ong Chew Tee during the P94 Hulu Selangor Parliamentary by election there following the death of its incumbent PKR MP Datuk Dr. Zainal Abidin Ahmad on March 25, 2010. 

The late Datuk Dr Zainal had won the seat by a very slim majority of only 198 votes against the then MIC Deputy President Dato G Palanivel in the 2008 GE.

Following the death of the PKR MP, the recent by election saw P.Kamalanathan, the MIC’s Information Chief defeat Dato Zaid Ibrahim, the PKR’s candidate by a 1725 votes majority returning the Hulu Selangor Parliamentary seat to the BN. He polled 24,997 votes compared to Zaid’s 23,272 votes. 

He has been the Hulu Selangor BN MP since 25th April 2010 and has been steadily achieving success after success in delivering his promises to the people of P94 Parliamentary of Hulu Selangor one after another! 

Here’s one report of him doing just that!

YB P.Kamalanathan shared with me information that he doesn’t get any allocations from the Selangor State government which is currently under the rule of the Pakatan Rakyat.

He only gets a RM150,000.00 yearly allocation from the BN Federal Government to provide assistance to his over 65,000 parliamentary constituents and at times is plagued by problems posed by confidence tricksters and those out to make a fast buck at the expense of others.

This is truly very disgusting and during our drive through the Bukit Beruntung area, I saw quite a large number of abandoned housing projects and business centres which are left standing dilapidated and in neglect following the collapse of Talam Corporation Berhad. 

You can read about the failed township developer here at Anil Netto’s writeup with regard to this former land developing giant. Scary stuff! Debts in the figures running up to hundreds of millions in ringgits.

I was asking YB Kamalanathan as to whether there were any chances of all those abandoned projects be revived and the thousands of suffering squatters or homeless people in Selangor be given those units as their shelters?

YB Kamalanathan replied that all those projects were under the purview and control of the Selangor State Government now. 

In my layman’s opinion, I don’t see any immediate way out for those abandoned projects because as I see it, the Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and his Selangor State Exco’s are much more interested in playing wasteful politics instead of using their power and position to help the poor folks in their state.

You should go take a look at those abandoned townships and housing projects. Some of them are already complete and others almost 90% built up but due to the incessant political turmoil created by the ruling Pakatan Selangor State Government and its local authorities, all those projects are today rotting away and collecting dust under the rule of the PKR Menteri Besar who seems hellbent on raising up storm after political storm in his misadministration of what was once the richest and most prosperous states here in the Malaysian Peninsular!

Sorry to have digressed so much from my main topic here of Ong Chew Tee finally getting his roof replaced by YB Kamalanathan but my despair and heartache of seeing so many good projects and townships over there at Bukit Beruntung, Bukit Sentosa and surrounding areas going to waste just eats away at my heart causing me to outpour my grievances here like these.

I plan to go shoot some videos and take photos of the many abandoned and going to waste housing and township projects there in Hulu Selangor soon to prove my points!

Coming back to Ong Chew Tee’s pending receiving of a brand new roof, I would like to once again thank and congratulate YB P.Kamalanathan for making me believe that there is still hope for this country in getting MP’s who can walk their talk and that the MIC can look forward to having reliable leaders such as YB Kamalanathan to lead the party out from the stagnant quagmire it had found itself in over the last 30 years under the dictatorship of Mr Samy Vellu!

Just can’t resist having a go at Mr. ‘ Saya tarak takut sama lu’ Samy! 😛

Ong Chew Tee!

Gong Xi Fa Cai aa peng yu! 🙂

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