November 29, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Outrageous demands some folks make upon their MP’s….

If I am to share with you what a Member of Parliament has shared with me about the outrageous demands that some of the people in his parliamentary have made, you’d probably think that these people must truly be escaped patients from a mental hospital?

Really! When I heard the MP relate to me some of his sickening moments facing some weirdos who think that just because they voted for him (allegedly), he owes them big time in fulfilling their each and every ridiculous demands throughout his tenure as the Member of Parliament there!

I know that there are many phony confidence tricksters and fly by night cheats out there who would come up with all kinds of unimaginable stories but these cases really makes me disgustingly sick!

Okay, please brace yourselves for case # 1.

Financial assistance.

An Indian lady who is notorious for seeking financial assistance from just about every imaginable government department or agency came to ask him for cash to help her tide things over.

When he first took office, okay, he helped her out by getting his special assistants to buy her groceries that would last her at least a month.

3 times she had asked for such cash aid and the MP did so at his own expense. 

Just learned that an MP gets an allowance of RM150,000.00 a year to be disbursed for aid to his or her parliamentary constituents.

Just imagine the daily hassle of facing some opportunists who waste no time in trying to skim easy money from the MP’s under all kinds of pretext and sob stories?

Well, in the case of that particular con-woman, she had the cheek to go complain at his party’s head office that the MP had not given her aid when in fact she had already milked off hundreds if not thousands in cash from him.

Luckily for him, he has both the cash vouchers which she had signed and the photos of her receiving such aid as evidence of her having been so assisted!

So, ladies and gentlemen, dear fellow Malaysians, please be aware that such scammers do exist and in large numbers throughout the nation. They will come and pour out all kinds of grandmother stories and try to filch money the easy sob story way from our MPs who’d rather help out more deserving truly poor constituents instead of having to face such remora’s on an almost daily basis.

I recall seeing white dhoti clad small goatee sporting Indian Muslim chaps from South India who would always turn up at the jewellery and moneychanger shops back home in Penang asking for aid to help marry off their daughters!

Yes, in Chennai, South India, the forbidden tradition of paying dowry to the grooms still continues to this day but some of these unscrupulous chaps have made a business out of asking for such aid giving the same old cock and bull story of having a daughter to be married off?

I remember some incidents where the shopowners would be cross examining some of these conmen as to exactly how many daughters of marrying age that they really do have?

Flabbergasted, some of these crooks whose mugs we have already become so familiar with would beat a hasty retreat and disappear from sight! 😛

So is the case of the conwoman who has made it a life out of milking the MP’s of cash without fail at every chance she gets!

Some people just have no sense of honor and self dignity!

Another case that the MP shared with me was of an Indian couple who came to him with an outrageous demand that he dish out to them a RM1000 to help top up to pay their car down payment!

Hoo hoo hoo…that really takes the cake so to speak!


Since when has it been a right for any voter for the matter to go demand his or her MP help pay for their car down payment?

Would you like to guess what was their answer when the MP asked them as to how it was his duty to help pay for their car down payment?

Their unforgettable reply was ‘ We voted for you!!!’

Woo hoo!

Attention all MP’s!

Please be prepared to help pay for this and that outrageous and preposterous excuse that these slimy shysters would waste not a second in queuing up before your service centers in the hope that you’d entertain their every wish and desire?


I thought I had heard of all kinds of fly by night scams but these cases are really quite shocking and damn disgusting for me to hear of and stomach!

I really hope that such people disappear from our nation.

We don’t need such crooks amongst the populace.

Even goats and cattle know to look for grass and shrubs to graze upon. These confidence tricksters really put to shame the general population who know better to go earn their keep!

My sympathies to you dear YB! May you be safe from such parasites!


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