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Malaysian Opposition MPs Disgraceful Parliamentary Circus!

Kuala Lumpur. Thursday 16th December 2010.

I had dreaded today’s desecration of the Malaysian Parliament from taking place for quite some time now and my fears were realized without fail by the MP’s from the Malaysian Opposition at the hallowed Dewan Rakyat!

This unprecedented disgraceful protest in the Malaysian Parliament has been a pre-planned publicity seeking stunt by all those who took part in this uncultured show of blatant vulgar display of crude mentality by those Pakatan Pembangkang MP’s who truly do not merit and deserve being there in Parliament based on their apparent political immaturity!

Watch the clowns in action here and here.

I say pre-planned because the opposition MP’s carried with them into the Dewan Rakyat preprinted placards and unfurled them in the Dewan Rakyat itself, an act that clearly goes against the rules and etiquettes of any Parliament in the world!

Here is the proof!

These bunch of protest oriented opposition so called MP’s have tarnished the name and reputation of being ‘Members of Parliament’ in the history of this nation.

Ever since they won 5 states in the Malaysian Peninsular in the 12th GE and lost Perak on a crossover technicality, the Malaysian Opposition parties who have come together in an unholy pact have nurtured the culture of street protests and uncouth mannerisms in the State Assemblies and now desecrated the very halls of our nation’s Parliament!

I have had this immense sense of disgust watching the antics of those who really do not merit the honor and respect that any Parliamentarian deserves over the last couple of years.

Today, they have turned our Parliament into a political circus! 

They have displayed their true colors of being an uncouth mob of attention seekers who have made a mockery of our nation’s highest institution of power!

I have just written in my preceding article here about the need for the next GE’s electoral candidates to possess a certain criteria of not only academic qualifications, sound judgement, high moral standings but also a well grounded sense of maturity and capable of tabling, discussing and debating of all relevant issues with the best of oratory skills and decent standards of expressing and sharing of one’s thoughts and ideals in a manner worthy of being the respective parliamentary constituents representative in the highest institution of law and order of this nation. 

In short a sense of decorum worthy of holding one’s position as a Member of Parliament.

I wonder how the Malaysians who voted for these uncouth fellows now feel having these political clowns misrepresenting them at our Parliament?

My words contained in the article here have today been proven to be correct by today’s parliamentary fiasco perpetrated by those who all these while aspire to rule over this country and replace the current government.

Have I not proved my case?

These are the kind of people we have wanting to rule over us?

If things do not go their way, they will resort to all kinds of unparliamentary behavior, disregard the positions that they have sworn their oaths to observe all necessary decorum and conduct themselves in a manner that will not tarnish and bring disrepute to the very institution of our Malaysian Parliament!

Today, they have proven that they are unfit to be our future federal or even the state governments.

Today, they have destroyed whatever vestiges of honor and respect that was still remaining of their positions as members of the opposition in parliament.

Today, they have rendered meaningless the honorifics as ‘Yang Berhormat’ @ ‘The Honorable’ before their now soiled names.

How do we continue to accord respect and honor to those who have now dishonored our Malaysian Parliament?

How do we trust these political desperadoes who continue to soil and tarnish the once respected positions of being a Member of the Malaysian Parliament?

Hello??? Never before in the history of this nation, has members of the Opposition resorted to such unbecoming behaviors!!!

Look at the photos here and witness for yourselves the crude barbaric manner by which the Opposition MP’s resort to vent their frustrations when 4 of their fellow MP’s were suspended by the Speaker for violating certain guidelines and rules of the Malaysian Parliament!

This is the ringmaster of the most disgraceful day of our nation’s Parliament. 

Ever since he was removed from power as Mahathir’s Deputy, he has orchestrated an endless series of political unrests and turned the once hallowed halls of our Malaysian Parliament into the now desecrated halls of shame and infamy. 

Here is one of his up and coming star rabble-rouser in action outside of Parliament!

By now, this travesty of crude mis-behaviorism of the nation’s opposition so called MP’s must have reached the far corners of the whole watching world! 

You still want these political clowns to be the future rulers of this country?

God Forbid!

Instead of throwing tantrums and pulling circus like stunts like these, the Malaysian Opposition MP’s ought to stand their grounds and debate their points and perspectives in the best forms of political arguments and not resort to unparliamentary language, crude mannerisms and posturing which do not reflect the high position as honorable members of parliament!

Any parliament for the matter!

It’s ironic that the placard with the words ‘Kangaroo’ implying that the Malaysian Parliament is akin to the term ‘ Kangaroo Court’ reflects their very own behaviors which betray their own uncouth misbehaviors!!!

Look at the ‘Yang Berhormats’ sitting like country bumpkins in suits brandishing placards and crude posters in quite unparliamentary actions!

Do they still merit such honorifics? 

I for one don’t think so! No sirree!

For those who wish to hear what Nazri Aziz, the Minister in Charge of Parliament has to say in response to the ruckus created by the Opposition clowns, you can watch him speak his mind here and here.

* All of the above photo credits belong to Agenda Daily.

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