April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Wikileaks ~ Is Julian Assange a criminal for disclosing ‘secrets’ of the powers that be?

Julian Assange. The whistleblower of the century. He is now being held in solitary confinement in a British prison because of rape allegations made against him in Sweden. Read about the case here.

But I seriously believe that he was actually arrested for blowing the lid off the hundreds of thousands of secret documents belonging to the US State Department of the Federal Government of the United States of America, one of the world’s superpowers!

Countries like the USA, UK, many European countries and even Asian nations like here in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Japan, etc whose federal governments have been left reeling in shock and dismay at Wikileaks for disclosing their treachery and espionage against many other countries and exposing certain individuals who play major roles in the world and regional political scenes.

Every major government that has secrets which were kept under lock and key or thought that those secrets were safely encrypted away or disposed off in ways that would make any James Bond movie cringe with shame are shuddering and shivering in fear for the way Wikileaks practically exposed them for the whole wide cyber world to see and know as to who did what to whom and how?

I have been reading interesting exposes by Wikileaks which have in turn been published by major newspapers of the world who have managed to get their hands on some of those leaked reports and documents.

There is a report by WAtoday, an Australian newspaper which states today that a leaked US State Department cable about Singaporean Intelligence officers had shared with their Australian counterparts information where they believed Malaysian Opposition PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim had engaged in the conduct for which he now again stands accused?

Photo by Reuters

President Barack Obama Jr is said to be extremely displeased with Wikileaks for its dumping of hundreds of thousands of US secret classified documents that originated from the US State Department and other agencies which have been exposed for the whole world to see?

Go here to read those secret cables. Its called Cablegate. Quite appropriately.

I doubt as to whether you really have the time to go through each and every cable that is now online? 

The report states that there are 251,287 cables altogether comprising 261,276,536 words! 

The cables cover from 28th December 1966 to 28th February 2010 and originate from 274 US embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions.

No wonder that most of those in Washington and their counterparts in most of the world’s nations are losing sleep as to who is going to end up stripped butt naked so to speak and exposed for all their secret missions and treacheries committed against worldwide?

In the world of espionage, no secrets can really be kept as one. One way or another, someone, sometime, somehow is gonna get his or her hands on some juicy all exposing document or report and he or she will be able to grasp whomsoever that secret implicates or exposes by his or her whatever and squeeze the living daylights out of the culprit!

Each and everyone of us have our own secrets. Some may think that we can escape prosecution here on Earth by destroying whatever evidence there may be but many do not realize that as human beings, we are always being monitored 24/7 by Allahu Rabbi and His Malaikats.

Julian Assange may not be an angel but he is a very good reminder to all those who are in power or have been so that all that they thought had been disposed off to ensure that their tracks have been covered are in for a royal jolt once their misdeeds are out exposed in the ‘crimelight‘! 

Yup. I am sure that if the same thing were to happen here in Bolehland, many of those politicians and big shots are gonna have a strange case of shrinking gonads and cajones! 😛

Just like what Julian Assange has done to the US State Department, many of our bloggers like the Unspinners, Rocky Bru, Just Read, Big Dog, GAP, Papa Gomo and many others do sock it to the Malaysian powers that be every now and then!

As a result, many of these bloggers are both celebrated and despised by many at the same time for daring to expose the various wrongdoings of the political bigwigs.

Life is like that!

You can’t have it your way all the time. You screw up someone’s life, it will just be a matter of time before you get your comeuppance!

This is the karma of life. One who does another harm will not live in relative peace before you get your share of hell while you are still alive.

For those who are aware of this reality of life, they will try their level best not to do injustice to others. If they erred and did mess up another’s life, they will not hesitate to correct such errors and ask for the victim’s forgiveness and make amends.

Many however do not subscribe to this law of our faith. They put up a grand ole show of being righteous and morally upright when in reality they are just devils in disguise.

Bloggers of Malaysia intend to correct the imbalance that takes place in our life here in Bolehland by exposing the ones who misuse their positions and take the nation for a ride.

There are many parasites and remora’s sticking to the butts of the powers and be and these vermins in turn suck the living daylights and juices of those ones heady with power and all such grandiose trappings of life that they imagine their selfs to be the gift of God to the nation!!!

I’ll expose those remora’s later but I am sure that many of us already know as to who revels in such glorifications and can’t resist appearing in full page adverts and so on with artificially enhanced beautification procedures meant to portray them as amongst this nation’s finest?

Just like one glamor puss who appears practically daily in Kosmo in full page self adverts! Phew! Makes me wanna throw up everytime I come to that page!

We need to have our own Julian Assange make his appearance here in Bolehland!

If there is such a person out there in this Mamluk al Malaisie, please…please make our day!

We will garland you with the best of floral bouquets our ringgits can buy!

Insya Allah!

Julian Assange. May justice be with you. 

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