December 11, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Salespeople ~ Why are there no good ones left in Malaysia?

I am sure that most of you have been to the shopping malls and hypermarkets in  your own towns and cities. 

My personal observance and experiences of having dumbos and clueless in whatever town or city you wanna name it so called sales people make a mess of salesmanship have really challenged my willpower to remain calm and courteous when faced with these kind.

These usually couldn’t care less attitude of the sickos who pretend that they are salespeople really make me sick!

Just for practicality’s sake, I’m gonna refer to the ones let loose in this capital city of Kuala Lumpur or KL for the ones who are familiar with our city’s acronym as the ‘Clueless in KL’.

The most obvious dimwits I usually come across are the ones at the shoe departments of let’s say the shopping centres at Suria KLCC, Mid Valley Megamall, 1Utama, etc.

These apathetic so called sales people would just be chitchatting amongst themselves ignoring the potential customers who would be going around trying out the shoes for themselves and when they want to get service, be left to fend for their own without being attended to by those lamebrains who think that their main function at those departments are to be the stand ins for unneeded mannequins!

The worst are the ‘in betweens’ @ transvestites who would be chattering away as they damn well please without a bother about the shoppers!

Its truly sickening to see the disappearance of good sales personnel from the general Malaysian shopping scene.

Gone are the days when one would be greeted warmly and sincerely by sales people who really know to appreciate shoppers who come in to their shops and sales areas.

Its a thing of the past to have sales people who really know their products and can explain in depth and detail to their prospective customers as to what the customer needs or wants to know about whatever it is that they are selling?

Coming from the diamond and gold jewellery retail and sales business, I know my stuff about diamonds, precious and semi precious gemstones and gold categories.

Many a times, I have pretended not to know anything about such stuff and asked the sales people at jewellery stores about the ‘quality’ of their diamond jewellery’s only to have such ignorants try to bluff their way out of explaining in detail about their products.

If you ask them about the cut, color, clarity and carat of the diamond pieces they have displayed in the counter, most of them wouldn’t know a jot about the very items they handle day in, day out?

It goes to show a serious lack of professionalism in the sales and retail industry.

Companies don’t bother training their sales staff and making sure that they are kept to a certain standard of sales etiquette and know how?

Most of the so called sales personnel we find in all these shopping centres and malls are way below the accepted standards of sales professionalism and if we are to expect these bozos to know whatever it is that they are selling, be prepared to be frustrated.

Frustrated at the sheer lack of knowledge, common courtesy or at the low levels of ignorance that most of these persons display when we try to learn something about the products or items that they are selling?

If this country expects to see more business coming from both the locals and the tourists in the retail sales industry, then the owners of businesses better invest in some sales training before unleashing these sales people from hell upon us!

Do not grumble, lament and moan that we are losing business to neighboring countries when many of the businesses here in Bolehland are so tight fisted to spend a bit to educate and equip their retail sales staff with the basic know hows of the business! 

Good business starts with a smile and a cheery outlook on the part of the sales personnel.

Most of the weirdos we meet in our shopping malls and hypermarts look as if they have been constipated for more than a week by the look of their dour looking faces and couldn’t be bothered attitudes?

Don’t even start hoping to see cheery, smiley faces at the foodcourts, restaurants, etcetera.

You’ll be in for a stomach upsetting experience.

No wonder, some folks prefer to eat at home or lepak at the mamak’s.

Those chaps are always in an upbeat mood!

Nescafe O Kosong satu!!!


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