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Allahu As Samad ~ Allah, the Eternal Refuge


Allahu assamad

Sahih International

Allah , the Eternal Refuge.

Muhsin Khan

“Allah-us-Samad (The Self-Sufficient Master, Whom all creatures need, He neither eats nor drinks).

This 2nd verse of the Suratul Al Ikhlas defines Allah the Almighty to be As Samad.

The Eternal Refuge of the entire Creation! It is He, Allahu Rabbi Who is the Self Sufficient Master of the Universes.

Allah exists on His own without the need for anything. He does not need anything of His creation. Instead it is His Creation who need Him.

Allah the Almighty created the heavens and the earth. We who are His Makhluk @ Creation come to exist only through His Will.

We have our self’s only through His Permission and it is He who decides what we become and we will perish as He Pleases.

This life that we are enjoying is only through His Permission and whatever we accomplish in this earthly life comes through His Taqdeer @ Fate that He has set forth for us!

It is inconceivable for anything to come into existence without the Will of Almighty Allah.

We who were first created as souls came to be conceived in our mother’s womb only through His Will with the consummation of the physical and spiritual convergence of our parents.

We who first started off as a zygote and developed in phases came to be imbued with all that Allahu Rabbul Alamin bestowed upon us and we were born into this world feeble and helpless save for what He Willed us to be? 

It is Allah who created all that is present in this life whether it be of a spiritual  or of a physical nature and it is He Who set forth the balance of this life as we have come to know and learn of it?

Mankind is still discovering realms of this earthly existence in only the last couple of millenniums about the origins of this and that and yet there are many who fail to recognize that whatever it is that we have come to learn and discover of this earth is only a wee smattering of all that is created for us here in this existence?

Allahu As Samad.

It is He who created the Malaikats @ Angels, the Djinns and Mankind whereas He doesn’t have any need for such of His Creations. 

Allah created air, atmosphere and light but He does not have any such need for all these save His Creation @ those of us Mankind, Djinns and the Malaikats who need all these in order to exist and survive!

The entire Creation needs all these to be and to survive. That’s the reality of what the 2nd verse of Surah Al Ikhlas contains and means?

As human beings, despite the perfect order of our creation and the splendid arrangement of our entire being, replete with absolute creation of each and every part or organ of our anatomy, we still need His Mercy to be a living, breathing, perfectly functioning being?

If any of our anatomy goes out of tune or sync, we suffer its consequences by way of deterioration of our health and well being.

The way Allahu Ta’ala has created us with a perfect synchronization between our physical, spiritual and mental self ought to be a subject of study for those of us who appreciate what we have all been bestowed with and to cherish what we have before it is taken away either by His Will or as a fluke of our destiny brought about either by our own conscious decision to either benefit or harm ourselves by such choices?

Do we stop for a moment and consider all these?

We who are His Creation have every need of Him but He does not have any such need of us.

That’s the gist of what As Samad means?

He is Self Sufficient but we are not.

Those who out of either their own ignorance go on and worship something else which needs their obeisance only end up fooling themselves and waste away the golden chance that is their lifetime on an exercise in futility.

Allah the Eternal Refuge of those amongst us who know how to appreciate and cherish this life that He has given us owe it to ourselves to use our God given intelligence to differentiate between what is right and what’s not?

It is His right to be worshiped by us and it is only He Who merits such honor and respect. Not some inanimate object created and crafted by our own hands and mis-appropriately be taken to be a deity through false belief by the legions of those who despite being given the faculty of reason and logic fail to put such abilities to good use?

Thinking Man should consider if Allah the Almighty were to put a stop to all that He has set forth in motion?

The orbits of the intergalactic planetary functions. The sun, stars, moon, earth, etc. were to all stop for just five minutes? Have we ever considered the consequences of such an event upon us?

Even for one split second if the entire universes were to grind to a halt, chaos and tumult would ensue upon the entire creation.

Let’s say that Allah is to stop our body from functioning for just five minutes? 

The resulting imbalance of our entire internal body organs will bring about all kinds of malfunctions that will affect our being.  

The resulting chaos upon our body systems will cause us to go off centre. Only those who are capable of rational thought and considerations of all such repercussions of such a stoppage of the way Allah has set everything here on earth and in the unseen realms of existence can even start to imagine what will happen if He So Desires such an inconceivable event to take place?

Do not take Allah in vain.

Cherish Him and Worship Him Who needs us not but has through His Infinite Oceans of Mercy so given us a chance to be here at His Pleasure.


Wama khalaqtu aljinna wal-insailla liyaAAbudoon

Sahih International

And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me.

Muhsin Khan

And I (Allah) created not the jinns and humans except they should worship Me (Alone).

It is only through His Mercy that we come to be?

Do we still choose to be obstinate and Deny Him?

Verily some amongst Mankind are recalcitrant beyond belief? They fail to even ponder for a moment as to the way they have been created and as to the consequence of any of their given attributes be taken away?

We fail to appreciate our eyesight until we turn blind!

We fail to appreciate our sensory organs until they lose their functions?

We fail to appreciate this life until our last breaths are upon our nostrils and our pumping heart starts to quiver and falter….

At that moment, all of our arrogance, all of our monstrous egos will come to naught.

We will see with the fading light our life just start to dissipate away…

Will we still choose to Defy Him?

Alas…such a moment of regret will come to be of no benefit to us then….

Think before your faculty of thought comes to a grinding stop?

May Allah bless and guide us all.


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