December 11, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Ex-Sultan Kelantan Tuanku Ismail Petra’s Abduction at UTK Gunpoint Video

Unbelievable! The way former Sultan of Kelantan Tuanku Ismail Petra was waylaid and ambushed, abducted at gunpoint by members of the Special Action Unit of the Royal Malaysian Police in Kota Bharu, Kelantan a few months back!

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Personally, I absolutely detest the way and manner by which a reigning Malay Sultan was unceremoniously handled by the special forces unit of the Royal Malaysian Police team shown here in the video above.

This video is shot by obviously a member of the UTK itself. Shows meticulous planning and ruthless carrying out of the mission to abduct the Sultan ( he was still in power then) and manhandle the Sultanah ( no matter how bad a person she was reported to be then) by grabbing her hand, shouting at her to get out of the MPV and the overall general rough handling of the entire episode!

I wonder what would have happened if let’s say the then Tengku Temenggong of Kelantan, Tengku Fakhry had used his firearm to protect his parents?

We would have had a bloodbath resulting in the killing of the Kelantan Royal Family minus the Crown Prince ( now Sultan of Kelantan) and his other siblings who were not in the entourage led by Tengku Fakhry to take his parents to the airport to fly them to Singapore for the ailing Sultan to seek medical treatment!

I can just assume that this whole episode was well planned and the Kelantan PAS State Government must surely have been informed of this decision to stop the ailing Sultan Tuanku Ismail Petra from being flown to Singapore.

The Majlis Raja Raja Melayu’s failure to speak on this matter and their consequential approval of this obvious coup in taking over control of the Kelantan Sultanate doesn’t augur well for the future safety and security of the reigning Malay Sultans.

When Their Majesties fail to voice out and condemn such a rough handling and abduction at gunpoint of one of their brother Sultans, then what guarantee is there that we might not see the same take place anytime in the near future when a Crown Prince gets too impatient to take over the throne and force his royal father out as what has happened with Tuanku Ismail Petra?

What guarantee is there that any of the other Malay Sultans won’t fall sick and become handicapped in the future?

As it is, many of our Malay Sultans are already in their late 70s or 80s. Who can vouch for the aged Sultans not to be mistreated the same way that Tuanku Sultan Ismail Petra has been forced out of his royal throne?

This unprecedented royal coup is just not that healthy to begin with and the way the Majlis Raja Raja Melayu have rubberstamped and given their consent to the new Sultan of Kelantan is now entered into the chapters of our Constitutional Monarchy’s history books as a turning point in the future of this country’s Malay Sultanates.

Do not cry foul later when it happens again to anyone of Your Royal Highnesses?

Que Sera Sera…

Whatever will be ; will be…


I wish to share with those of you who understand Malay the following pantuns:

Urat kayu tengah halaman,
       Bila terbelah menjadi layu ;
Adat Melayu zaman berzaman,
       Bila tersalah berilah tahu.

Bila terbelah menjadi layu,
      Bila terkerat mohon elokkan;
Bila tersalah berilah tahu,
      Bila tersesat mohon luruskan.

Adat Melayu bersendi syarak,
       Syarak bersendi ke Kitabullah;
Adat Melayu pantang di anjak,
       Dianjak sekali tentu menyalah.

Syarak bersendi ke Kitabullah,
          Ditudung payung Sunnah Nabi;
Dianjak sekali tentu menyalah,
           Binasa kampong rosaklah negeri!

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