February 22, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Bloggers Brew ~ The Good, Bad and downright Ugly in Malaysia’s Blogosphere.

Assalamualaikum. May Peace be upon you.

I have been blogging since 2004. Deleted my blog for a year after experiencing a deluge of spammers and trolls who nearly drove me nuts. 😛

Talk about getting stage fright ~ the Blogosphere way.

Eventually, I learned to stay the course and stave off all those nasty cyber snipers and relaunched my blog in 2005.

I have been learning ever since as to how to handle the bouquets and brickbats that come my way?

Life as a blogger sure has its ups and downs and age is also a crucial part of my being able to weather the storms and controversies that never fail to crop up whenever I choose to write about something I feel very strongly about and want to share my views about it here in my space in the Malaysian Blogosphere.

I have come to make many good friends and also earned the wrath of a few who hate my guts or my bloody ego in sticking it to them whenever I had needed to?

Frankly speaking, I don’t care too much about those downright bad and uglies here in the Blogosphere who choose to rant and rave whacking this and that fellow whom they choose to vindicate or vilify as they please or are paid to badmouth by some parties who chose to engage their nefarious services in the first place?

The reality that some of these so called bloggers choose to sell their souls to the highest bidders remains an open secret but not many of these blogging cyber snipers have it in them to admit it as they should.

I leave it to them for eventually each and every one of us will have to own up and admit to The Almighty as to all that we have done either with our own hands or caused such resulting actions following what we put to print and publish to the public global domain?

No matter how these slime balls think that they could get away with their character assassinations of those in their hit list, they themselves will in the end have to face up to what they have brewed?

Sometimes, we hear of those who blog with an agenda in painting a shiny picture of whoever it is that they have been paid to campaign for and that is only natural in the current world of manipulating the media for one’s vested interests.

Those of us who are engaged in blogging can easily expose who these hired guns are without the slightest of hesitations but refrain from doing so out of pity for these goons future.

Yet at times, it hurts to see these very same morons do a fast one on us whilst shaking our hands in ‘friendship’ whenever we meet in social events or functions in which we are all invited?

Whether we like it or not, those of us who blog on social, political or religious issues will at one time or another cross each other’s blogging path and we square off if we need to or just let it slide to avoid needless enmity between the small fraternity of those who have survived the initial gauntlet of fire so to speak when we started out on our chosen path and manner of blogging?

Recently, an unprecedented turn of events here in the local Malaysian Blogosphere came about pitting a couple of established bloggers against the Minister of Information, Communications, Culture and Heritage where the minister lodged a police report against Dato Ahiruddin Atan @ Rocky Bru, Zakhir Mohamad @ Big Dog and the ones behind a business and corporate affairs blog ~ Taikors and Taikuns for what he claims to be an attack against his person and that of his family. 

This unprecedented lodging of police reports against bloggers by the very Minister who is supposed to be in charge of and in good terms with the Malaysian blogging fraternity has even caused the Malaysian Prime Minister to voice his displeasure as to the turn of events. You can read about it here.  

Those of us who blog for the common good of all Malaysians feel not that happy to see this needless confrontation between the Minister and our blogging buddies no matter that we do not entirely agree on all that each and every one of us blogs about so to speak.

Yet we recognize the right of each and every blogger to air his or her point of views as they see fit in their own blogs and understand the accountability of each blogger to whatever is published in our own domains?

This is a reality and we all know it.

Many a blogger has now been the guests of the men in blue at Bukit Perdana where the Police cyber crimes unit have taken them into custody and carried out investigations with regard to whatever blog articles that they wrote having offended public feelings or those which the police find offensive based upon either the falsehood in the incriminating articles or which slander any given party or authority.

Nathaniel Tan earned the unsavory distinction of being the first ever Malaysian blogger to be taken into police custody over what he published in his blog which was under the charge that he had in his possession documents which were purported to link the then Deputy Internal Security Minister Dato Johari Baharom‘s alleged involvement with corruption. That came under the OSA ~ Official Secrets Act. Read about it here

Then another blogger ~ Bakaq Penarik Beca got into the same situation but this time for his publishing the PDRM’s logo with a defaced image of a dog replacing the tiger and the Islamic calligraphy of Allah and Muhammad replaced with the dollar sign and the Jewish Star of David.

I was there with my fellow bloggers protesting for his release without knowing what exactly was his offense that warranted staying over at Bukit Perdana with the men in blue?

😛 When I learned as to the reasons why, I regretted such an oversight on my friend for having had such a relapse as to his sense of judgment with regard to  disfiguring a symbol which represents our national police force.

He shouldn’t have done that. Period.

Too many policemen and women’s hearts must have been hurt to see their precious symbols of authority getting defaced like that. Such wounds are hard to heal. The pain might have dissipated over time but the internal scars would surely remain.

I think I don’t need to list down here as to who else got into trouble with the authorities over things that they blogged about for it will be an endless who’s who in the police lockup then?

I believe it suffices to state that bloggers ought to be aware that whatever they publish will be held accountable upon them including my own self!

Think very carefully before you press ‘Enter’.

You can’t ‘Backspace’ after your article has been published into the internet archives and into the public domain.

Even if you do decide to delete your offending and incriminating article after that, you need to know that a copy of your article will be burned into the internet archive servers and can be retrieved and retracted by those in authority using the MCMC experts to draw a charge against you …. if a police report or official complaint is made by any of those hurt by such article with accompanying proof of such an attack against their person.

The clash between the Minister and said bloggers doesn’t seem to go away as many wish for and it will be interesting to see how this case is going to end up as?

Life as a Malaysian blogger is surely quite challenging but it does have its rewards as well. I have come to know many new friends and also drawn the attention of a few dedicated trolls and critics plus unnecessary enemies from amongst the bunch of cowards who curse and run us down out of either their frustrations borne out of their sorry deluded state of minds or plain stupidity into thinking that they are the righteous and God’s gift to mankind?

I leave such ‘wiseguys’ to suffer for their self imposed distorted mental convolutions and choose to as best as I possibly can to ignore them and move on with my missions in life. 🙂

To those of you who are knew to the Malaysian Blogosphere, I wish you a warm welcome and will only advise you to weigh the pro’s and con’s of the consequences of publishing anything that is untrue and try your level best to stick to the truth and fair comment.

Having said that, do remember that whatever we say, publish or do is recorded by the Angels Raqib and Atid in our individual Book of Deeds.

May the truth be told no matter what so that Justice can live!

Zainol Abideen ~ Mahaguru58
Bandar Tun Razak
56000 Kuala Lumpur.

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