December 2, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Sosilawati Lawiya & 3 others brutal murder case. Hang to death all those @#$%^&*!!!

My heart is wrenched with the extreme brutality that these @#$%^&*! Indian lawyer and his murderous henchmen had carried out the heinous murders, bludgeoned, stabbed and slaughtered the Novelle Visage millionaire, her driver, her lawyer and the CIMB bank officer!

This is the face of the brutal sadistic heartless fiend who has taken the lives of so many innocents all because of his greed and willingness to rob others of their hard earned wealth just to live a life of luxury!

‘Dato’ PATHMANABHAN A/L NALLIANNEN (NRIC: 690211-10-5525) – The murderous disbarred lawyer who is said to be a DAP member for life and said to have ties with Hindraf.

This is the demon in human form who is said to be responsible for the deaths of quite a number of people ranging from a South Indian millionaire who fell prey to this demon and from whom this @#$%^&*! set up a clinic for his sister, bought several farms and lands which he used as bait to snare his other victims including the Novelle Visage millionaire owner Dato Sosilawati Lawiya and consequently her driver, lawyer and bank officer.

This is the face of his lawyer brother SURENDREN A/L NALLIANNEN (NRIC:720801-10-5773) – who admitted to have burned the remains of Sosilawati to ashes.

Read more: 

Millions of Malaysians are demanding justice and asking for the courts to find this @#$%&*! and all the seven others guilty of murders most foul and sentence all these murderers to be put to death!

I’d prefer the Qisas penalty for these @#$%^&*! but knowing the Malaysian justice system’s tendencies to let the perpetrators free under the flimsiest of technicalities and legal loopholes, I don’t place much hope in seeing that Qisas penalties even come close to these murderers Indians from amongst the citizenry of this nation.

Don’t even dream of accusing me of being a racist! Its a bloody fact that most of these murderous Indian crooks are very. very sadistic and heartless in carrying out their crimes against our Malaysian population!

Do you remember how they brutally hacked to death an Ustaz working part time as a Petronas Service Station at Gunung Lang, Kuala Kangsar, Perak?

I blogged about it here.

Indians who commit serious crimes here in Malaysia are prone to be very cruel and heartless in hacking to death their victims. They deserve to be treated likewise! 

Here’s the proof of a robbery/murder that took place at a 7-11 in Ipoh, Perak:

I ask that the authorities do not screw up and let these brazen sadistic @#$%^&*! escape from the consequences of their vicious crimes!

Death to these bastards! Nothing else!

On another point, I ask that all Malaysians who do business dealings with people they have yet to really know, to take extra precautions and to employ professional armed to the teeth trained bodyguards who should have no qualms about taking out anyone who poses a threat to their employers.

Better them ~ the murderous crooks than innocent victims like the late Dato Sosilawati Lawiya, her driver, lawyer and bank officer.

Al Fatihah!

* Update : Police have found the murder weapon used in the slaughter of the 4 victims above.

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