December 2, 2023


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If Islam is so good, why is it that so many Muslims turn out to be….(updated)

Question # 2 : “If Islam is so good, why is it that so many Muslims turn out to be Mat Rempits @ Highway Hooligans, drug addicts, robbers, rapists, fornicators, baby dumpers, etc? Doesn’t that show that Islamic teachings has its obvious shortcomings?”

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Dear brothers and sisters,
I am sure that many of those who are not Muslims have at one time or another asked these very same questions to their Muslim friends who might have been caught in an awkward situation to try and answer them?

Yes, it is true that realistically speaking, we are not our brothers or sisters keepers and we can’t answer on the behalf of so many out there today who despite knowing their status as Muslims still recalcitrantly commit all kinds of sin and injustice not only towards others but also upon their own selfs out of their ignorance or just plain stupidity!

Who can we blame except these very Muslims in name only for throwing themselves into the cesspit’s of human lusts and wanton desires borne perhaps out of their rebellious streak inside their often convoluted mindsets?

Why is it that so many do ask that the majority of those wayward youths here in Malaysia who end up as ‘Mat Rempits @ Highway Hooligans’ are usually made up of those who belong to the Malay ethnicity and whose faith are said to be Islam?

How come that these so called Muslim youths commit so much problems not only to themselves but also to the Malays as a whole community and subsequently pose a serious challenge to the direction and future of this country’s aspirations and development objectives?

What causes these social delinquents to run havoc and go against the grain so to speak?

Its not like they are truly the scum of the earth and the seed of those who are the heinous spawn of some bloody demons in human form?

No! Quite a large number of them are the offspring of good natured, well meaning Muslim parents, who do not fail to observe the Islamic principles and decent Ways of Life that is enjoined upon each and every Believer in Allahu Ta’ala and the Blessed Final Messenger of Ar Rahman, Muhammad ibni Abdullah, Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam!

Why do these mostly Malay youths end up as the imbeciles who terrorize Malaysian motorists on our highways, cause so much mayhem and destruction to others, pose a severe headache to our Malaysian Highway Authority, Royal Malaysian Police and also to our general Malaysian society as a whole?

The evidences of their notoriety are so numerous posted online that it would be an exercise in futility to try and gather all such uploaded videos and post it here to furnish proof of what disturbs many of us in dealing with these vermins?

How do young, innocent babies grow up into becoming a major headache not only for Malaysian society as a whole entity but mainly embarrassing those of us who are Muslims into trying to explain the root causes for these  demented groups vicious crimes?

What sets them off to end up as rampaging, marauding violent heartless gangsters and mindless freaks who cause so much heartache for so many and in the truest sense of the word are better off dead than alive?

Yes, I really mean it!

Those of you who might be surprised to see me saying this maybe have yet to witness quite a number of those videos that showcase their depraved cruelty towards members of the fairer sex who have become ravaged and devastated victims of their sexual orgies and gang rapes if not mass molestations?

Videos that were recorded by the heartless fiends themselves and arrogantly uploaded to many online websites in a brutal trumpeting of their vicious depraved crimes that have yet to be dealt with affirmatively by our local anti crime and law enforcement agencies!

How does one try and answer the question above and attempt to pinpoint the root causes that turns good natured young adolescents into rampaging evil swarms of menacing hoodlums on two wheels turning our nation’s roads and highways into their arena of anti social, anti religious theaters of every abominable dastardly exhibitions of all that is so wrong and an endless source of danger and destruction not only to themselves but also to others who just happen to be so unfortunate to share the highways with these demented criminals at the same time?

Who do we blame?

The parents for failing to nurture their offspring’s to remain true to the doctrines of our Islamic faith, no matter where they end up at or whatever age they reach as they grow up away from parental observation and control?

The teachers and educators for failing to instill a sense of self discipline and personal values upon their wards as they grow up first as primary schoolkids, then secondary school students, college and university attendees and eventually ending up as adults who can either be a boon or bane to society?

The ulamaks who fail to corral and see to it that the young Muslims in the ummah are made to be aware of their social and religious obligations not only towards themselves but to the ummah as a general society of God Conscious and self regulating believers?

The government authorities both from the BN and also the PR whose job it is to see to it that their law enforcement agencies and authorities are empowered adequately enough to curtail any such breaches of law and order by anyone within their jurisdiction, regardless of their age or social position?

Or the Malay Sultans themselves as the highest authorities of this nation where Their Royal Majesties hold absolute power and authority to dictate and see to it that in accordance with their Royal Positions as Keepers of the Islamic Faith in their respective Malay States and the Yang Di Pertuan Agong himself as the Supreme King of Malaysia for failing to nip these social problems in the bud so to speak by remaining stoic and silent in relation to the cropping up of these major social headaches that has rocked our nation lately?

Who do we really point our fingers at for failing to bring these rampaging rascals to book?

Why is it that we as a people often end up sympathizing with those irresponsible parents who often cry foul when their wayward offsprings end up dead or comatized in the hospitals when they are dealt with by our men in blue in the course of their job and responsibilities as law enforcement agencies?

This was very obvious with the recent death by misadventure of a wayward young teenager who took his sister’s car without consent and ended up shot to death by the police who truly would have had no idea as to who they were dealing with in the dead of the night when he sped on recklessly after a spate of accidents and grazing by of cars and motorcycles despite being warned and given notice to stop on that tragic night in Shah Alam!

Another case has cropped up of a father who cries police brutality when his unlicensed son who tried to evade the long arm of the law now lies in a coma on a hospital bed when he was whacked in an encounter with the police who were just doing their duty!

Who do we blame for all these young teenagers and adolescents crimes?


You who are not a Muslim or even if you are one must truly be crazy if you blindly assume that our Islamic faith has anything to do with these self inflicted tragedies!

These wayward rampaging rascals brought it upon themselves out of their own deviated choices!!!

The Malay Muslim parents, teachers and educators, religious scholars and ulamaks, law and security enforcement agencies, departments or ministries, government and local rulers or authorities, Malay Sultans and even The Yang Di Pertuan Agong ~ Supreme King of Malaysia HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THESE FIENDS CHOICES TO COMMIT CRIME AND MAYHEM in the first place!!!

To put it short and crystal clear, ISLAM has never taught its adherents to go commit all such vicious crimes in the first place!!!! 

A true Muslim who knows his or her religion’s even the most basic principles will never go and harm another!

Our religion deems it HARAM for any Muslim to go commit any injustice towards others or even upon our own self’s!

I seriously call upon each and every person who tries to be a smart ass and pin the blame upon my faith of Al Islam for every bloody mistake or crime that is being committed by any idiot male or female, young or old, educated or a plain nincompoop, to please get it clear that these crimes are committed by the said individual or individuals out of their own stupid choice!!!

Yes, my language is not that flowery in this instance because I practically am fed up of the constant witch hunting of my faith by those who obviously do not have a bloody clue of what they are accusing us of in the first place?

Disbelievers who blindly go and worship their own misguided figments of their own imagination as to be their creator have the gall to come lay blame upon Allahu Ta’ala’s very own Way of Life that He, the Almighty has seen fit to reveal for us, mortal created beings of His to observe and use as our Guide towards Life?

Come on! Grow the hell up and clear your befuddled minds from all such misconclusions about Islam.

Islam is perfect! Muslims are not!

Not even me for Allah’s Sake!

One does not blame Islam for the mistakes and sins committed by those who fail to observe its teachings in the first place.

I challenge any one Non Muslim or Muslim to come forward and furnish proof of any Islamic tenet or principle that allows any such crimes committed by the anti social elements in question to me here!!!

Please be man or woman enough to back up your accusations against Islam being responsible for the misdeeds of these Malay ‘Muslim’ crooks and criminals out there with solid evidence and justifications!!!

Not just another screwed up self who does not know heck what the hell you are trying to pin the blame on Islam borne out of your own ignorance?

Make sure that you know exactly what you are going to talk about and back it up with logic and rational comment. 

Don’t wish to waste my time trying to make sense to those who post gibberish as their defense or grounds for such unfounded allegations allegations against Islam!

* As promised, here are my additions to the issue being raised here.

If we are to be fair in dealing with this question, can we turn the pointing finger here from aiming at the Malay Muslims and ask as to why most of the serious criminals here in Malaysia also consist of other ethnics as well?

The Indians and Chinese are also in quite a large number listed as those inclined to rob and rape people and have been on record many a times of having committed brutal assault and murder of many innocents.

Does their faith of Hinduism or Buddhism/Taoism teach them to do that?

Surely not!

It is these criminals themselves who commit such sins not as taught by their faiths ; that is if they even practiced such beliefs in the first place?

So, it is not the faiths which are to be blamed but the crooks themselves including those who are Malays but Muslim in name only.

I rest my case with this on answering Question # 2.

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