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Kuala Lumpur Sights and Scenes Ramadhan 1431 AH / 2010 CE. Part 1

You have yet to know about Kuala Lumpur if you have yet to step foot around its old quarters namely around Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman and Chow Kit?

Why do I say that?

Well, this is where the true pulse of Kuala Lumpur throbs with a vibration of life, with its sights and smells, both pleasant and revolting at the same time.

The old parts of Kuala Lumpur’s main artery of life resonates with the cacophony of the various sounds of the city folk going about their business especially around the Chow Kit Wet Market area.

This is where the majority of Kuala Lumpur city dwellers come to buy their groceries needs and also shop for bargain fresh fish, poultry, beef, mutton and all kinds of vegetables, fresh fruits, preserves, etcetera. The entire area is populated and run by Indonesians and a few Bangladeshis. 

There are a few Malaysian Malays and Chinese who own some shops in the old traditional market.

Most of the stall helpers are Indonesian migrants. When I spoke to some of the Indonesian stall traders and helpers, they were lamenting of slow business and how the usual crowd of Raya shoppers have yet to come and how that affects their income for they are paid based on sales done?

Yet I read the newspapers that show groups of Indonesians protesting against our country in front of our Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta, trampling upon our national flag and desecrating it with their faeces and hurling such filth into our embassy’s compounds!

Are these people stir crazy?

Who’s gonna suffer if we ~ our government decide that enough is enough and expel their citizens out of our country?

Indonesia will have an unprecedented national economic crisis as a result!

But then again, Malaysia is ruled by softies and throughout our nation’s history, this country’s government has never had it in them to be rough to anyone.

Must be the Malay’s tendency to give face after face after face……

That’s why the Malays are in such dire straits today in most areas?

Ahh..back to my topic…

KL as it is ….for those of us who frequent the traditional markets and old shopping areas namely Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman and its vicinities…

Here are the photos I took this morning stretching to mid afternoon…

To start my morning photo shoot cum walkabout after having settled my marketing, I parked near this area. 

This trader is now familiar to me and she was quite earnest in asking me to snap her photo today. Hehehehe….looks like I will have to start charging them. 😛

Next to catch my attention was this Indonesian baby boy who scrutinized my camera lenses and wondered as to ‘who is this old man pointing his camera at me?’

Just behind the stall were these two lasses playing. They are the baby boy’s sisters. As usual, they posed cheekily for me.

The younger sister is very playful and showed her joy at being photographed.

I then came upon this baldie who eyed me warily….hehehehe

A short distance away was this stall selling Indonesian sarongs.

I came across this lass preparing for business by arranging her bags for sale.

The tudung ‘express’ seller was at her usual spot. Her tudungs were on sale for RM5.00 each.

There was this mother trying on a woven skullcap for her young son. For Aidil Fitri prayers. 🙂

I then came across baby Dominique being carried by his mother and attracting quite a lot of attention. You know how we all go goo goo ga ga over babies? Hehehehe…Dominique was receiving quite a whole lot of fans attentions this morning. The fella looked sleepy…

I’m sorry Dominique! Who can resist lavishing attention on a cute lil’ one such as you? 😛

Further along the path in between the shops, I met this serious looking Indonesian girl. She was looking very curiously at my camera so I promptly snapped this shot of her.

The granddaughter of the Indonesian petai seller. This man is very friendly and I have come to know him for quite some time now. He sells the petai at RM5 for 3 bunches. Quite cheap I must say! Petai is good for diabetics, heart patients, etc.

A perspective shot of the pathway between the shops and Dominique with his mom.

Approaching the entrance to the Chow Kit Wet Market. Here, the fruit traders shout themselves hoarse plying their fruits. During Ramadhan, their din is quite subdued… if not they will be trying to out shout the other in their sales pitch! 😀

Here are their push carts laden with all kinds of tropical fruits. They add color and excitement to the whole place. All of them are from Indonesia. The locals are only the Chinese fruit stall owners who employ Indonesians to sell their fruits. Indonesians and Bangladeshis. No local helpers.

A skyview shot with the umbrellas and push carts in the scope.

Turning around, I snapped this shot of the petai seller’s daughter and a very pregnant cat dozing besides her. She was selling maize.

Leaving the area, I walked along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman and behind the rows of makeshift stalls selling all kinds of festive items came across this vagabond fast asleep in his office chair. The guy looked quite tough and maybe is mentally unstable. I took care not to wake him up from his sleep and snapped this shot.

If you look closely, he is wearing a necklace made up of soft drink cans tabs. Creative, huh?

I then chanced upon this prewar shophouse with exposed bricks and peeling plaster. Quite picturesque, don’t you agree?

Farmasi Britain. 🙂

This used to be a budget restaurant where they sold food for just RM2 per serving. I saw their banners as I often drove by. Naturally selling food so cheaply saw them go out of business very quickly. It doesn’t work, underselling! You will sink faster than HMS Titanic! 😛

This is interesting! An Indian Muslim briyani restaurant with its signature 786 embellished prominently on their signage. Numerological fiends! Untreatable!

Closer shot of their signage.

Another view of the old shophouses dating back to the prewar era.

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