November 29, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Repentance ~ Allah’s Promise to those who seek His Forgiveness


Wa-itha jaaka allatheenayu/minoona bi-ayatina faqul salamunAAalaykum kataba rabbukum AAala nafsihi arrahmataannahu man AAamila minkum soo-an bijahalatin thumma tabamin baAAdihi waaslaha faannahu ghafoorun raheem

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And when those come to you who believe in Our verses, say, “Peace be upon you. Your Lord has decreed upon Himself mercy: that any of you who does wrong out of ignorance and then repents after that and corrects himself – indeed, He is Forgiving and Merciful.”


Dan apabila orang-orang yang beriman kepada ayat-ayat keterangan Kami itu datang kepadamu (dengan tujuan hendak bertaubat dari dosa-dosa mereka), maka katakanlah: “Mudah-mudahan kamu beroleh selamat! Tuhan kamu telah menetapkan bagi diriNya untuk memberi rahmat (yang melimpah-limpah): bahawasanya sesiapa di antara kamu yang melakukan kejahatan dengan sebab kejahilannya, kemudian ia bertaubat sesudah itu, dan berusaha memperbaiki (amalannya), maka sesungguhnya Allah Maha Pengampun, lagi Maha Mengasihani.

In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.
May peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.
What a greeting! It embodies all the goodness, hope and well wishing that anyone can give to someone else upon whom they wish well.
Dear brothers and sisters,
In these Akhirul Zaman ~ End Times, there are many amongst the Malaysian Muslim communities who fail to realize the importance of seeking knowledge of Al Islam and to observe time honored principles of their Malay heritage which in one way or other has come to be entrenched in the good conduct @ adab and inherited culture @ adat resam which if implemented and put to practice even in these so called modern times will Insya Allah, mold them to become good, decent citizens of this nation if not be role models for their generation.
The current social malady of the increasing numbers of teenage pregnancies and the abandoned babies born out of wedlock gives rise to the questioning of what has gone wrong with the Malay people of Malaysia?
Yes, I mean the only community of this country which is now on record of being the contributor of the largest cases of infanticide and illicit sexual intercourse amongst its youngsters resulting in the birth of so many illegitimate children adding on to the burden of this nation which shamelessly prides itself to be a model moderate Islamic nation.
A definition which seriously has no merits and ought to be rectified on grounds of its growing cases of immorality and maksiat amongst its indigenous people namely the Malays.
To accuse the Malays as an entire community of being ignorant of what is right and what is wrong would be unjust but to excuse them of such a condition would at the same time be tantamount to letting them rot and go to hell literally.
I don’t speak as someone who doesn’t care or give a damn about these people who are part and parcel of my life as my family for I’m married to one and feel so sad to see the majority of such ignorants hailing from this very community.
Although we can just play safe and pretend that all is well for the country’s indigenous Malay population as propagated by some ministries and departments of the Malaysian Federal Government under the Barisan Nasional, the reality that the state of affairs concerning them has now reached the alarming levels of a society that is rotting even at its head and stands in danger of receiving the Wrath of Allahu Ta’ala at any given time!
This is not an idle warning.
The Malays of Malaysia are really in grave danger of having their social structure collapse under the tsunami of hedonism and maksiat that is taking place all over this land albeit being ignored by the powers that be who seem to be only capable of issuing decrees after decrees but to no avail!
We are seriously lacking in national leaders who have the fortitude in making decisive decisions and see to it that corrective measures are taken with force and cut off the cancerous elements of apathy that has infected and infested those who have shirked in their duties as overseers and monitors of the Malaysian Malay communities not to ignore the other communities at the same time.
I am tired of seeing the national level ministers totally fail in their positions to see to it that the numerous laws of this country are actually upheld and implemented to stop the wrongdoers from destroying the foundations of this nation bit by bit over the years.
I am also fed up to see the mockery of our justice system which lets off criminals as it pleases whilst the number of innocent victims keeps going up.
What nincompoops do we have masquerading as magistrates and judges who let off vile offenders such as incestuous fathers, uncles, grandfathers, brothers etcetera off without punishing them to the maximum as allowed for in the penal codes?
What is so hard in seeing to it that the Syariah Laws of Almighty Allah be implemented to the letter?
I question the indifference of the entire Malay Sultans of this Federation of Malay states who seem incapable of upholding the very tenets of Al Islam which is entrusted to them by this country’s constitution?
Their Majesties the Malay Sultans need to remember that we the Muslims of Malaysia look up to them to safeguard and really uphold the Syariah of Allah Azza Wa Jalla befitting their role and positions as the real Keepers of the Faith of Al Islam here in Malaysia.
When our Malay Sultans do not speak up in instances where Islam or its adherents here in this nation are being victimized or when the scourge of sin is spreading like wildfire due to the ineptitude of those who are supposed to nip all these wrongdoings by the ignorants amongst the ummah of Malaysia, the situation worsens to the stage where Islam and Malaysian Muslims are mocked at and made to look like irreparable fools who deserve to go to waste!
I pray for the day when our Majesties will unshackle their royal selfs and get down to business in putting this nation’s ummah right. None can stop our Tuanku’s from calling a spade just that and command the government to rectify all these rot and get the nation’s Muslims back on track.
It is I believe to be within our Tuanku’s rights as the Keepers of Al Islam here in Mamluk al Malaisie if Their Majesties truly wish to realize their positions as such?
How much can a Muslim blogger do?
I can’t be seen to be like a scratched vinyl record screeching the same old advice or reminder to our Royal Majesties over and over again!
Yet, I do believe that over time, my cries and appeals will eventually reach the ears and hopefully the hearts of our nation’s rulers who have within their royal positions, the powers to set this ummah right again.
I pray to Almighty Allahu Ta’ala that He guides our Tuanku’s to doing what’s right and see to it that the Syaria of Allahu Rabbi gets to be implemented to the letter in this country in order to save its citizens from going to ruin as a result of the government’s incapability to stop the social rot and moral degradation that is taking place all over Malaysia.
Knee jerk reactions and responses to the burgeoning number of teenage pregnancies amongst school-going youngsters being allowed to marry by the State Government of Melaka is not going to solve the growing problem in the long run.
In fact its gonna add to the problems of this country when such unplanned for marriages which were forced under the dire circumstances of the ignorant and naive immature youngsters getting pregnant due to their lack of religious understandings and inclined to have premarital sex will lead to more young or adolescent divorcees in the near future.
I’m not exaggerating here.
Right in my apartment, there’s such a case and it hurts me to see a young girl whom I first came to know when she was just a secondary schoolgirl, to being a single mum today, needlessly.
Does anyone care about all the suffering that this gentle soul now goes through daily?
The Melaka Chief Minister might mean well by his setting up for a school to cater to the unwed mothers in his state but his program isn’t going to solve the problems in totality. Its just an ad hoc measure to treat the symptoms but not cure the disease once and for all.
The solution I believe is for Malaysia to be truly under the actual Sharia Laws of Allahu Ta’ala. Whats there to fear the Sharia if one is not doing any wrong?
Even the Rulers will need to buck up and correct themselves if they really and truly are God fearing morally upright and righteous leaders.
When one shies away from giving consent to the application and implementation of the true Sharia Laws of Allahu Ta’ala, what does that imply?
That the rulers themselves are not really squeaky clean and fear the repercussions of submitting in totality to the Rules of Allah the Almighty!
Is that so?
If we realize that we aren’t right, whats stopping us from repenting and correcting ourselves?
Isn’t Allahu Rabbi promising us that He will forgive our sins even if the amount of it fills up the space between the heavens and the earth here save for the sin of committing Shirk towards Allah?
That is one major sin that He will not forgive!
So, the only way to save this nation’s future generations from going to ruin will be if our Malay Sultans and the Federal Government get to their senses and start looking into the implementation of the Islamic Sharia in its actuality and not the sorry lame ass excuse they have before us presented as the ‘Sharia Laws of Mamluk al Malaisie’.
The decision of course is entirely up to the parties concerned. They hold the powers to effect such change overnight. Not us ordinary citizens or bloggers. The best we can do is just this. Write and express ourselves within these blogs of ours. Get it on paper or online.
We are in no position to do more. I will if I have the authority.. but I don’t.
If you who are reading this is one of those whom I am addressing here, then please…do what’s right!
You know as well as I do here that Mahaguru58 is not mumbling gibberish here in this article. If I am wrong, you are at liberty to take action against me.
I speak out of my conscience and my conscience tells me that I am absolutely right in the name of Allahu Ta’ala!
I subject myself only to Him, Ar Rahman Ar Raheem, Malikul Mulk, Dzul Jalali Wal Ikram.
So help me God!
There’s no (real) power save for him, our Almighty God and Supreme Creator.
If you neglect your responsibilities towards us here on Earth, I’m pretty sure that you know as well as I do that you’ll have to face Him in the Yaum al Mahsyar and answer for your deeds here.
The choice my dear Tuanku’s is entirely yours.
I rest my case.

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