February 22, 2024


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Sathiya Jalan Pasar ~ Sidewalk Trader with a Golden Heart!

Dear fellow Malaysians,
Would you believe that in these times, there still exist someone as generous as Sathiya, a sidewalk mobile phone trader, who has been giving away free drinks and food to passersby at Jalan Pasar, Kuala Lumpur’s famous shoppers paradise where you can get practically whatever your heart desires especially where the latest gadgets and telecommunication devices are sold at a price that most can afford?
In these End Times when goodnaturedness was said to be on the way out just like many endangered species of flora and fauna, Sathiya’s selfless act of giving out drinking water and free food from yesterday has caught many by surprise and gives us a reassurance that there is still some hope for our nation as a country with citizens who still care.
To some his good deed may not be nothing much to crow about but when we come to think of it, despite having hundreds or maybe thousands of millionaires or billionaires living here in the nation’s capital city, how often have you come across people as generous as Sathiya giving out for free drinking water and food with no strings attached?
When I asked him why he was being so generous, he replied that it was his gesture of respect to the coming of Ramadhan, Islam’s holiest month and that he wanted to do his bit to help Malaysians from all walks of life regardless of creed or color to have a free drink on him!
My heartiest congratulations to Sathiya, a selfless sidewalk mobile phone trader who is willing to fork out more than RM2500 of his own hard earned money just to carry out his wish to give his fellow man a drink, no strings attached!
When we have filthy rich politicians, businessmen, tycoons all flushed with cash yet be so tight fisted when it comes to doing charity works, Sathiya’s efforts here outshines each and every one of them!
He is doing what many others who can afford to do more for the poor and the common man have not done?
When we read or hear of the country’s top leaders hold open house, this and that, how many of us know that they do not cough out a single sen in holding such events and functions?
The government foots all those bills. From the canopies to the caterers and event management companies costs, its the Treasury that pays all those bills.
The political leaders get their 5 minutes of fame on national tv and bask in the free publicity as if they are the ones footing all such bills?
They ought to be ashamed of golden hearted Malaysians such as Mr. Sathiya here.
He may look like a roughneck rocker but the man stands tall as a towering Malaysian!
Congratulations Sathiya!
We are proud of you!

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