December 11, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

American Muslims facing bias, discrimination and marginalization.

We have all heard of how some blinkered Americans especially those with low IQ levels have been hounding our fellow Muslims there in the United States of America ever since September 11, 2001?

We have also heard of how American Muslims have continued to help out the victims of that tragic event and also forked out quite a lot of dollars to ease the sufferings of the mostly black Americans and poor whites who lost all their belongings in the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and other southern areas of the US?
Yet despite all these selfless sacrifices by the generous noble hearted Muslims of America, they continue to be discriminated against and victimized by the lowlifes who call themselves as American Patriots bla ..bla..bla..
Click here to see what J. Samia Mair has to say about the marginalization of American Muslims? She is a writer with the Baltimore Muslim Examiner.
Luckily, the Mayor of New York, Michael R. Bloomberg is way above the protesting numbskull’s and proceeded to endorse the building of the Cordoba Center, a mosque and community center planned to be built near Ground Zero.
Here he is on video speaking about the issue :
Congratulations sir!
Go here to read the transcript of Mayor Bloomberg’s righteous speech.
For all that America has come to brag about being the liberator of those whom it declares to be oppressed and downtrodden in the whole wide world, it seems oblivious to the cacophony of its own citizens cries for help and justice in the truest sense of the word!
Now isn’t that just a tad too bad for its image as the so called home of the brave and land of the free?
What bloody bravery are these weirdos talking about when they gang up on innocent born and bred American Muslims living within its borders and contributing to its own domestic economy just like every other tax paying law abiding citizens?
What screwed up sense of freedom are these hatemongers crowing about when its own Muslim citizens of America are being hassled and protested against erecting their own houses of prayer with their own hard earned money and doing so legibly and legally going by every written law and rules in the book so to speak?
My advice to America will be to dispense justice and equality to its own citizens first before trying to act like Mr Goody 2 Shoes and police the whole wide world!
I have heard and read about middle America be composed of hillbillies and trailer park trash minded simpletons all these years with blinkered views and IQ’s that hit dirt many years back but I didn’t want to believe such reports out of being a fair Muslim in not wanting to see others as a backward people but now it seems that I have erred in opinionating as such?
America’s getting dumb and dumberer by the day.
No wonder that their former President was a proven nutcase?
Malacca’s Mohd Ali Rustam will do well in America….:P

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