December 8, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Marriage of convenience versus a loveless marriage

When I read the news of PAS and DAP going for each other’s jugular in debating about the main issue ~ ‘ Islamic State’ that is like the proverbial fishbone in their respective political throats, I am not surprised at all !

These two constantly bickering partners in the loose coalition of the yet to be registered officially as the Pakatan Rakyat are perpetually opposite to each other like what water is to oil?
One claims to champion the setting up of the Islamic State whilst the other is all for a secular Malaysian Malaysia.
PKR is content to be the marriage broker and doesn’t really worry too much about the antics of these two for its Special Advisor has his eyes glued to the Prime Ministerial seat in Putrajaya and couldn’t really be bothered with the internal strife between the mismatched couple, PAS and DAP.
In the meantime, we have a loveless marriage of sorts between UMNO and all the other coalition parties that make up the BN.
From the way things have been simmering within the ranks of the BN, I see no strong alliance visible between the members of the nation’s ruling Federal Government of Malaysia.
The MCA is as troubled by its infighting just like its counterpart in the MIC. The MCA however is much more vibrant in the fact that its President and Central Committee can be changed by its members if they are not satisfied with the track record of such leaders?
The MIC on the other hand is ruled like the proverbial political dynasty of its belligerent President Samy Vellu who ruthlessly sees to it that none dare displace him and his chosen minions.
UMNO is chockful of arrogant couldn’t care less narcissists political opportunists who will spare no effort in ensuring that their individual nests remain feathered and flush with cash no matter what?
On the religious side, the so called ulamaks are dedicated to remain as the 3 ‘ See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil’ scholarly simians.
The Malaysian Ummah in a nutshell are metaphorically screwed.
We can expect none of the above to come to our rescue.
It’s each man and woman, boy or girl left to fend for our own self’s.
This is the reality.
Its up to you to decide as to how you go about living your life and striving to achieve your personal needs, in all areas and avenues.

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