April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Sand Pirates of Selangor

The outcry by Selangorians over the way sands of Selangor are being pirated away by the lorryloads to God knows where by those who are supposed to be licensed and issued sand mining permits by the current Pakatan Rakyat led State Government of Selangor is referred to in this article.

It’s not like illegal sand mining is something new here in Malaysia?

It has been going on for so many years and the indiscriminate way that the illegal sand miners go about it destroying the ecological balance of our nation’s rivers, jungles and coastal areas practically at their whim and fancy in full view of those who are supposed to stop all these rampant willful destruction of our country’s environment and causing the extinction of many precious species of flora and fauna shows a lack of official deterrence in fighting these crooks.

The Orang Asli who live near the river tributaries also face starvation and loss of precious resources of drinking quality water as a result of these sand pirates!

As usual, whenever news about this sand piracy gets media attention, the ones who are now running or ruining the Selangor State Government come out with their guns blazing blaming the sand piracy on those who used to be the rulers over there in Shah Alam!

As I see it, the predecessors and the current rulers of the State of Selangor are no different in any ways.

Both abused their positions and allowed sand mining to be carried out rampantly and have never actually tried to book the offending sand pirates or really attempted to nip the problem in the bud so to speak!

The Sultan of Selangor having been reduced to just be a constitutional monarch has not been heard to speak about this grievous matter.

Environmental NGOs who voice out against the sand piracy are ignored and the MPs who try to speak out against this sand piracy are threatened with murder and their homes and vehicles splashed with red paint in order to terrorize and intimidate them with lethal harm!

It’s frustrating to see our nation being ruled by spineless eunuchs who are only good at giving cock and bull excuses without having the gonads to catch and bring these crooks to justice!

Well, what can we expect from a government that is so yellow that to cane a willing Syariah offender like Kartika Sari Dewi Syukarnor, the buggers played possum and chickened out at the end of the day?

As it is, the Sand Pirates of Selangor are having a field day!

Creating giant craters that is!

One of these days, the beleaguered State of Selangor might just as well simply cave in like this!

Once that happens, I want to see what the excuse givers are gonna come up with?

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