December 3, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Being an absolute Muslim in these days requires ….

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

That means ‘ May peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you!’
Now, isn’t that the best form of greeting in the world? I for one truly love the Salam and appreciate those who know how to value its proper form of greeting and knowing the best ways to return such a beautiful greeting?
The Prophet Muhammad ibni Abdullah, Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam, the Greatest and Final Messenger of Allahu Rabbul Alamin, Supreme God, Master and Creator of us all ( yeah!.. that includes each and every man, woman, creature, being, whatsoever?) in the entire universes!
Yeap! That’s not a typo! I typed universes!… with an ‘s’ at the end of the word. 🙂
For all that some may know, the universe that they might come to know and accept is just this system of life that we dwell in.
For the informed and knowledgeable, though, we all know that this physical existence is not the only form of life that is present.
`Ilm or Knowledge does not come easy. You might have at home libraries and libraries and whole sets of encyclopedia of books, periodicals and journals (that is if you are born into a ‘reading family?) all beautifully stacked up and shelved along the walls of your study room or hall but if you don’t spend your time studying all of them or have it in you to learn and want to know, all that I’ve typed preceding this might just be ‘Greek’ to you!
Not implying that there won’t be anyone here amongst my esteemed readers who are into the Greek language study, arts or culture? I’m sure that there will be some of you dear readers who know exactly what I mean or am inferring to here by using such terms of expression.
The main reason I am voicing out so is due to the fact that not all are really that bothered to dwell into the finer points of living a life that is filled with a deep sense of appreciation for all that’s fine and of educational value in our short temporal lives here on Earth.
The 3rd plane of existence for those who know. Will come back to this in another article, soon. Insya Allah. 🙂
Nowadays, one often comes across some idiotic vile comments coming from totally ignorant, stupid, moronic ignoramuses belittling those of us who are Muslims online especially in the comments section of You Tube accounts featuring Islamic content or in the many online forums discussing religion or social and political issues.
You know what I am talking about?
Despite all the advancements we have in the current world of science and technology, such achievements are lost on some crude lifeforms who look similar to us but are devoid of human intelligence and good breeding.
Today, I came across a beautiful Mukminah @ Ummu Solehah Muhammad who happened to join those who chose to follow my blog.
The daughter of a splendid knowledgeable Mukmin who has devoted his life to help guide others as well based upon the rich experience he has had as a social activist and volunteer.
It is so good and truly heartening to come and learn of such fine folks who are a boon to our society. Malaysia so needs such fine learned father and daughter personalities in its midst.
If I am to liken them to gemstones, these two are like very fine precious diamonds! Only appreciated by those who know the difference between a zircon and a true gem such as them. Alhamdulillah!
It is not easy to be an absolute Muslim nowadays.
No sirree.
We are living in an era where despite the abundance of knowledge and all kinds of access to the finer aspects of human civilization is available to those who know how to seek for them, we find ourselves in a sea of humanity which often fails to differentiate itself from the mass of creation that at times borders on the reckless and ignorant swirl of those who are best described to be inhuman.
Why do I say so?
Well, let’s take for instance, the current tendencies to be self-centered. There are just so many out there today who really don’t give a damn about anyone else.
Including their own parents, siblings, family, friends, neighbors or fellow Malaysians. Don’t even start asking about other people, from other countries, etc?
Their life involves just one person. Themselves!
These inconsiderate self centered Kiasu Kings or Queens live only to see to it that whatever he or she wants is gained and acquired no matter what it takes?
They wouldn’t care whether they have to hurt, harm or destroy anyone who happens to be caught in their path.
Yes. It is evident by the manner by which they speak or act upon in their daily narcissistic life. Woe betide those who don’t agree or succumb to their incessant demands!
All these happens if the said individual is not in contact or has the required 5 daily transactions with Ar Rahman.
Bad enough if the said individual is not a Muslim? We can say that he or she is not held accountable for their deeds according to our perspectives as Muslims… but what about those who claim to be Muslim yet live a life that is scarier than Scary Spice?
Hehehehe…just wanted to type that.
Scarier than Scary Spice! Nice ring to it, eh?
Hehehehe…jokes aside.. let me get back to what I am inferring to here?
What about those amongst us who despite claiming to be a Muslim, live a life devoid of any contacts at all with the teachings or practices of Al Islam?
It’s not a pretty picture, I tell you. These folks are in a situation that even the Devil would not want to be.
To those of you who have yet to know, the Devil ~ Syaitan, Iblis, whatsoever used to be the most pious worshiper of Allahu Ta’ala amongst the Djinn.
Yes. In my studies about the subject, I learned that Syaitan used to be known as Azazil. Leader of the Djinns.
A very pious subject of Allahu Ta’ala.
His defiance in not obeying Allah’s Will to prostrate before Sayyidina Adam Alaihis Salam, our Father and the very first Man there in Paradise can be debated and discussed amongst us here, mortal beings, descendants of Prophet Adam Alaihis Salam as to why he chose to say ‘No!’ to such a command of The Supreme Creator?
Yet, it will not change anything.
To me as a Muslim student of life and all that there is, I have some very strong opinions about it but am hesitant as to whether I should voice them aloud or just keep them to myself till such an apt situation comes along where I can speak my mind freely without being accused of being this or that?
If I am to put it to you that in my view, I see Azazil as not being disobedient to Allah but rather just not wanting to submit his self to another makhluk ~ creation of God, will you accuse me of being one who is going against the grain, so to speak?
Hehehehe… I am listed anyway as being amongst those who are considered as ‘Lawan Arus‘ here in the Malaysian Blogosphere. 🙂 Not that it matters to me but I am not your average ‘SoPo’ blogger, kowtowing to this or that faction or political groupings.
Can you see my point?
What if by choice, Azazil ~ the Devil refuses to prostrate before Adam Alaihis Salam because he the Leader of the Djinns will only bow or prostrate himself to none but Allahu Rabbi?
Can we find him guilty of insubordination towards God Almighty?
I am sure that there will be many who agree that if we are to dissect and discuss the matter, there will be many avenues where one can say that Azazil was not wrong in choosing not to prostrate himself before Adam because Adam is not his God but rather just another makhluk, another creation of Ar Rahman.
But if Azazil had no choice but to just go along with the Taqdeer ~ Fate that Allahu Rabbi has decided for him, then who is there to say otherwise?
Things like these can get messy. There will be many who just so love to dispute and argue about such matters till Kingdom come but then again, I need to prioritize.
I need to speak about and share my thoughts here on matters that might be of help to the many who seek more info on Islam. Not to go into the realms of the human mental oceans of thought and findings that might just confuse more than show them a way out of whatever mess they are currently in?
I have always chosen to share my thoughts in a manner that the average person will find easy to understand or contemplate upon.
Only the other day, an exchange took place online between myself and a friend who happens to be a ‘Mualaf’ ~ Revert to Islam.
The brother wanted to ask my opinion as to whether it would be alright for him to practice what he says is ‘Wahabism’ here in Malaysia?
I learned from him that he had just returned from ‘umrah and he found that the Saudis were practicing an easy form of Islam.
He went on and said that Islam here in Malaysia is just so complicated and that there are just so many jamaah’s, this and that adding to the confusion.
What can I say?
It is true that the so called Malaysian Islamic authorities are just so screwed up and do not have it in them to impose or implement the true tenets of the faith that Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam left for us but these fellows interpret the fundamentals and principles of al Islam according to their whims and fancies or as what those who claim themselves to be the ‘Keepers of Islam’ here in Bolehland issue specially worded decrees to fit their own special needs and wants?
When I shared my opinion that I don’t agree with many things that the Saudis whom I referred to as the puppets of Britain and American neocolonialism are doing, he got pissed off and said that I’m talking politics! He accused me of confusing him further and not to forget that he is a convert?
I got hot under the collar myself and rebutted him with a question asking him as to when did he revert to Islam? Was it just yesterday? I also took him to task for saying that I was confusing him?
Sometimes, it is really a futile exercise in trying to speak with those who have already made up their minds about this or that and simply are looking for someone upon whom he or she can dump their problems and later turn around and claim that we confused them about whatever it is that they were cooking up in their mental kitchen in the first place?
When I said that its up to him to do whatever he feels he is happy with, he took further offense and discourteously ended the chat abruptly. Hrrrmphhh!
That’s what I get for ‘entertaining’ such friends. 🙁
Sometimes, encounters such as these will only cause some do gooders to question themselves as to why the heck do they need to bother with such problematic people?
Why the hell should we waste our precious time and energy in trying to lead the proverbial horse to water?
Is it worth our efforts?
Despite such hangups, I tell myself not to give up.
I tell myself as to what will I have to answer Ar Rahman when He questions me as to why I gave up so easily?
I remind myself the story I always tell about pumping the ‘artesian well‘.
That if I gave up when the water was just about to gush out spewing the much needed life giving refreshment that the yearning soul was so thirsty for, I’d end up like just another loser who tried and lost because I gave up too soon?
May Allah forbid! Na’uzubillahiminzalik.
May Allah bless and guide us all.
Wabillahi Taufik Wal Hidayah.
Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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