December 8, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Anwar’s answers to questions in Washington about his ‘anti-zionist stand’ in KL

The beauty of the internet is that it allows exclusive away from Malaysian shores events such as the latest Anwar Ibrahim troubleshooting mission to repair his image in pro Israel Washington’s power circles with regard to his recent ‘anti-semitic’; ‘anti-Zionist regime’ stand as vouched for by his leading the protests against Zionist Israel’s massacre of the Gaza Aid Flotilla volunteers aboard the MV Mavi Marmara before the American Embassy at Jalan Tun Razak, KL last June, to be shown on the global You Tube channel.
Anwar Anti Israel Protest.jpg
He is a true chameleon and knows very well as to how to dress for the occasion? Here he is in the photo above attired in Baju Melayu, Songkok and Sarong. Like a Malay nationalist 😛 All pure theatrics, don’t you agree?
The national Malay attire and get up must truly not be suitable to be worn in Washington DC, eh? Creature of Opportunity and Political Chameleon par excellence. He has set the bar high, I say.
Now, you get to see and hear what Anwar Ibrahim said or spoke of answering questions from the floor in Washington where he tried to explain himself to the power broking parties in America?
He spoke at the Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars, Washington, America.
Washington’s support is very crucial for any one secularists who seek their blessings when seeking public office such as Anwar Ibrahim’s one track mission to be Malaysia’s next Prime Minister at all costs!
To me, such an opponent of the Islamic State per se is an enemy of Islam and us Muslims. To me, any such munafik who panders to the whims and fancies of Islam’s enemies and bad mouths us when he is away from our shores is not to be given any support at all from the Muslim ummah!
Any Muslim who supports such a traitor betrays the amanah of the Muslims as a whole is a fellow conspirator against Islam and we must wage war against them and whatever they stand for?
Be it a political party, organization or what the hell ever!
I ask that those of you reading this article reflect back on all that this stooge of the Neo-Colonials in Washington and the Zionist Israelis in Tel Aviv has been doing in the name of democracy and all such pretext?
Share this video with your readers in your blog as well and work towards cutting down the enemies of the Islamic Global Awakening!
Thanks to Analisa Kumbang for posting this in his blog here.
In the video is ample crystal clear proof that Anwar Ibrahim is steadfast against the creation or setting up of a totally Islamic State, here in Malaysia!!!
In the video too, you can see how Anwar ridicules the proposal to implement the Islamic Syaria caning of those who flout Islamic laws against the drinking of alcohol?
His excuse was that the rich and famous amongst the Muslims here are drinking alcohol too but the ulamaks and the authorities condone it.
I’d like to ask what did he do to tackle the problem when he was the Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister back then during his service under Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad?
Where the hell was his conscience then when he himself came from the very top leadership of the Malaysian Muslim Youth Brigade?
It is one thing to lay the blame on others but isn’t it a clear hypocrisy when he did not do nuts about the condoning of maksiat amongst the cream of the crop here in Malaysian high society when he himself wasn’t truly holy moly as he presents his self to the Washington masters?
Go here to watch the whole event on video courtesy of the Wilson Center on Demand.

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