December 4, 2023


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Balqis of Sg Geliga Besar, Kemaman, Terengganu

I met Balqis quite unintentionally when we went holidaying to the East Coast recently. I was taking photos of this roadside traditional East Coast delicacies selling store along the Sg Geliga Besar road in Kemaman, Terengganu when there came this cute little lass with her charming demeanor and bright beautiful smile.

When I trained my Nikon D5000 lens at her, she stopped right there and then and posed for me quite naturally. She was just a very willing sporting model and here are the results :

Just look at the way she came? Like a miniature adult, so confident and sure of herself. That’s what made me turn and snap her photos.

Her charming smile captivated me and made me just go on shooting these images of her.
Her natural smile can defeat many of the professional models out there.
May Allah bless her with a productive life and turn her into a good Muslimah.

Balqis n MG58a.jpg

Balqis n MG58b.jpg

Balqis n MG58c.jpg

Balqis n MG58d.jpg

Balqis n MG58e.jpg

Balqis n MG58f.jpg

Balqis n MG58g.jpg

Bahulu Balqis.jpg

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