November 28, 2023


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Corporal Khalid’s Case ~ Anonymous Donor banks in RM1000! Alhamdulillah!


All praises be to Allah, Lord, Cherisher, Sustainer of the Worlds and Supreme Creator of us and all that is in the realms of the universes, both seen and the hidden.

Alhamdulillah! Once again, through our joint efforts here in the cyberspace in highlighting the plight of an unfortunate police corporal ~ Corporal 104747 Khalid Che Rus attached to the Ampang Jaya District Police Headquarters has borne fruit by the forwarding to me of a good news sms from Dato Ahiruddin Atan, Malaysia’s foremost blogger @ Rocky Bru.

The sms forwarded to my by Dato Ahiruddin Atan @ Blogger Rocky Bru reads :

‘Selamat pagi Datuk Rocky, saya sudah bank in 1k into the Maybank acc that was posted on Mahaguru’s blog.’

The sms was forwarded to me by Rocky this morning at 0953am, Wednesday 2nd June, 2010.

I can only pray to Allah the Almighty to bless and reward this anonymous generous donor for his or her donation which would Insya Allah go a long way towards relieving the immense suffering of the now bedridden and speechless police corporal who is surviving on the generosity of the do gooders amongst our kindhearted Malaysians and by His Grace.

I take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to the anonymous donor for this help and assistance towards one of our nation’s civil servant’s who is lying there today at his police barracks, blinking and watching the ceiling of his quarters and helpless to even take care of his own bedridden self.

Whoever you may be, dear kindhearted sir or madam, I thank you on behalf of Corporal Khalid Che Rus and his appreciative family for helping to reduce the immense financial burden they are shouldering at the moment, taking care of his feeding and other physical needs.

May Allah bless you, Dato Ahiruddin Atan and all other generous donors and help givers out there and reward you all with Allah’s Forgiveness and grant you a better future here on Earth and in the next, Insya Allah!

Ameen O Allah, the Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.

If there are others who wish to do your bit for Corporal Khalid and donate to his care, please bank in your contributions to the following banks savings accounts :

  1. Maybank : 1621-8839-5589
  2. BSN : 1415-7298-8710-4416

Both accounts are in the name of Khalid Che Rus. No matter how small you might be able to spare, believe me each ringgit is very much welcomed by his disabled self and his very much in gratitude family.

As human beings, its the least we can do while we are able to?

Just for your info, a tin of the specialized formula that is fed to him via a feeding tube which goes straight from his nostril to his stomach costs RM75. That lasts about 2 to 3 days as he is being fed with just that special formula and water.

Here is the picture I took of that can of formula :

Here are photos of him being fed by his eldest son :

Here are photos of his fellow policemen visiting him recently :

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