February 22, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Gaza Reality ~ Israel must be forced to lift the blockade!


dead gaza kid.jpg
For all the propaganda that the Zionist Israeli regime puts out claiming to be just protecting their illegally acquired lands which belong to the Palestinians, it is important for the countries that make up the United Nations to demand that the Israeli regime lift its blockade of the Gaza Strip!!!
The Palestinians homes in Gaza have been literally bombed and bulldozed to rubble destroying the entire infrastructure making it almost impossible for the entrapped Palestinian civilian populations to survive!
Imagine living in such devastation devoid of running water, electricity, sanitation, food and drinking water since the regime handed over the Gaza Strip to the Palestinians after destroying its infrastructure first and putting up a bloody emotional show of sacrificing its illegally gained Palestinian lands in the first place?

Look at what used to be Palestinian land before bit by bit the Zionist monsters devoured the lands until its original inhabitants are now imprisoned in such squalid conditions not fit for human or even animal habitat!!!

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