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Malaysia’s Muslims need a new Islamic Party!

frothy foam ocean waves1.jpg
A visual manifestation of what the Holy Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam prophesied about the state of the Muslims of this Akhirul Zaman who will be as the froth of the ocean waves ; numerous in numbers such as the froth in this photo but weak and helpless because of the lack of unity amongst us and the absence of those who are willing to lead us to victory above the Kuffars and the Munafiqs?

Assalamualaikum Brother Zainol…I’m an avid reader of your articles because I can feel the honesty behind your writing. But this particular article got me thinking to ask you this question.

So, as you suggested we Muslims should throw in our support to the leaders who are truly wanting to uphold the Islamic administration but instead of playing the waiting game why aren’t the learned, able-bodied Muslim brothers with forward thinking such as yourself, Dr. Haron Din, Dr.Danial(whose name crosses my mind atm) and others take the initiative to form an Islamic party which are born out of true and holy intentions to uphold Ad-Deenul Islam in Msia since PAS is going nowhere with too many culprits inside the party?

Because I believe if all Muslims brothers just sit back and wait for a leader to show himself…then aren’t these brothers neglecting their responsibility to the ummah?

If there’s no leader…be one so that the void can be filled. So yes, I am still saving my vote for this future leader. Sincerely, a Muslim sister.

Posted by Syahidah Akmal to MAHAGURU58 at Sunday, 30 May, 2010


So asks Syahidah Akmal, one of my readers.

How do I answer my sister in Islam here?

What other authority do I have save through this blog platform in marshalling the forces here in Malaysia from amongst the populace especially those who call themselves as Muslims here in this country and yet be entrapped between the Malay centric UMNO ruling political party with its minions of coalition partners and the unholy pact of the Pakatan Rakyat @ People’s Pact consisting of 3 unlikely Opposition parties namely the DAP ~ Democratic Action Party, Parti Keadilan Rakyat ~ PKR and the once Islamist party ~Parti Islam seMalaysia @ PAS?

Frankly speaking dear Syahidah, I am just as hopeful as yourself in that we might eventually get to see the righteous scholars gather up the courage or strengthen their spine to fight for us who do not want to be with those who are corrupt nor with those who are unholy in their political missives.

The problem is when those whom we place our hopes on simply do not have it in them to bring about the alternative Islamic party or group capable to dislodge the ruling party or to thwart off those whose only ambition in life seems to go take power in Putrajaya.

Take Prof Dato Dr Harun Din for example?

He is the Deputy Spiritual Head of PAS, a position similar to that of the Deputy Prime Minister in the Federal Government of Malaysia. There are just that much that both can do? The authority that they hold is subject to the overrule of their immediate superior.

That’s why I say that I reserve my support for only Prof Dato Dr Harun Din in the eventuality of him outliving the Spiritual Head of PAS?

Only when Prof Dato Dr Harun Din is elected to head PAS as the Mursyidul Am will we get to see any significant changes in the direction that PAS will head to and return to its original mission in seeing to it that the Syariah of Allah will be the main Laws of this Land.

Even amongst the Islamic NGO’s @ ACCIN who are often in the forefront of those speaking up for the interests of those of us who are Muslims, there is yet to come into being a cohesive strong bond of irrefutable sense of esprit de corps to incorporate what we can dream to be the alternate alliance of Islamic organizations who can offer us a way out of voting for either the ruling BN Federal Government or those who call themselves as the Pakatan Rakyat?

So where does that leave us? Those who wish to see Islam be upheld in the truest sense here in Malaysia and have those who claim to hold power over us ~the Malay Sultans and the Politicians to realize their basic responsibilities and trusts that they shoulder to carry out their tasks to the letter and not put up a show of theatrics as they have been doing so far?

We are literally on our own as far as living as Muslims are concerned? The Malaysian Government have shirked in their responsibilities in ensuring that the faith of Al Islam be put to practice in its totality and they are guilty of improvising the Syariah of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala to be a mere shell of what it actually is as revealed by the Almighty Lord of us all!

Just take a look at the current outbreak of immorality that is taking place all over the nation and reflect for a moment as to what the authorities of this nation have failed to check the onslaught of all that Allahu Ta’ala forbids?

This government and that of the opposition fail to stop the hedonism that is spiraling out of control in every aspect of our Malaysian people’s lifestyles. The main culprit is the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Information. Through the complicity of its ministry and information department, our television channels are once again inundated with programs that lull the people into wasting their precious lives and resources away from the remembrance of Allah Azza Wa Jalla and turn the focus of the ummah into wasteful pursuits such as wanting to just be singers, performers and entertainers.

Gone are the days when Muslims used to be known for their prowess in the field of scientific advancements and discoveries. Gone are the golden age when Muslims excelled in the field of literary and academic achievements.

Today’s Malay Muslims are infamous for either two extremes? Extremely engrossed in the hedonistic pursuits especially those of the Malay community here in Malaysia who now seem to be so fanatical about getting their sons or daughters into the show business that they are turning up in the tens of thousands at auditions for the so called reality entertainment shows held by the television channels, etc.

Another extreme infamy that the Malays of Malaysia have achieved is the rising number of illegitimate offspring that the fornicating young unmarried couples amongst the largest ethnicity of Malaysia give birth to and are being dumped here and there as they please?

The diluted laws of this country fails to nip the problem in the bud and results in the widespreading of this social malaise throughout this country!

All we hear and witness is the government of this country beat around the bush and pass the blame onto all others but themselves!

The Keepers of the Faith ~ the Malay Sultans are just as responsive as the idols in all the temples of this country.

They exist in flesh and blood but are just as immobile as the statues and figurines out there!

I just don’t hold any high hopes for anything positive to come out of the present rulers of this country. All that we can do is to pray for a deliverer to be sent by the Almighty to lead us out of the current state of helplessness we are all facing right now? Insya Allah!

I invite you dear Syahirah to email me if you wish to correspond further on this matter?

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