December 8, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

3 BN Presidential Political Remora’s need to go if they want to still win the 13th GE?

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We keep hearing about the needs for a paradigm shift in the nation’s political leadership’s mindsets. Well, as I see it, the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) Federal Government of Malaysia needs much more than just that!

If the BN wants to remain relevant in the coming 13th General Elections, the coalition party needs to undergo a major overhaul!

It has to perform a major reconstructive political surgery. All the 3 major parties leading the BN namely the United Malays National Organization @ UMNO, Malaysian Chinese Association @ MCA and the Malaysian Indian Congress @ MIC need to have their Presidents replaced immediately!

Let’s not beat around the proverbial bush about it. All 3 of the leading BN ruling parties are having the worst Presidents that any self respecting political party here in Malaysia can have at any one moment of their political movements.

Najib Abdul Razak has probably now placed UMNO at its worst standing in the history of its political struggle by his latest screwup that eclipses even the lethargic administration of his predecessor, the 5th Malaysian Premier, Tun Abdullah Abdullah Badawi by his approving of the sports betting license which is not only going to further devastate the socio-economic framework of the average Malaysian family especially those concerning the Non Muslims households whose head of the house might be engaged in gambling will now be further enticed to bet their hard earned money on betting in the coming 2010 World Cup season and after this football championship be open to other sports gambling?

This harami decision by Mohd Najib Abdul Razak makes UMNO now party to a move that is HARAM as forbidden clearly by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala’s prohibition in Surah Al Maidah Chapter 5 Verses 90 to 91 in the Holy Al Quranul Karim, the Final Testament from Our Lord Almighty Himself :

90. Ya ayyuha allatheena amanoo innama alkhamru waalmaysiru waal-ansabu waal-azlamu rijsun min AAamali alshshaytani faijtaniboohu laAAallakum tuflihoona

90. O ye who believe! Intoxicants and gambling, (Dedication of) stones, And (divination by) arrows,
Are an abomination,— Of Satan’s handiwork: Eschew such (abomination),
That ye may prosper.

Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala further reminds us :

91. Innama yureedu alshshaytanu an yooqiAAa baynakumu alAAadawata waalbaghdaa fee alkhamri waalmaysiri wayasuddakum AAan thikri Allahi waAAani alssalati fahal antum muntahoona

91. Satan’s plan is (but) To excite enmity and hatred between you, with intoxicants And gambling, and hinder you From the remembrance Of God, and from prayer: Will ye not then abstain?

Have we not come across broken families where their heads of the house not only gambled away their meagre incomes causing economic hardships to the entire households, forced into borrowing from loan sharks, endangering their dependents lives from the consequential circumstances, forced some gamblers to prostitute their wives or daughters, etcetera?

It starts with that small bet placed with the gambling outlets we have flourishing in this beleaguered nation, the Sports Toto, 4D Magnum, Genting Casino, etcetera.

I don’t know about you dear brothers or sisters, fellow Malaysians but as a believing Muslim who tries my level best to live according to the dictates of My Lord and Master, I see the present Prime Minister to be one Umara’ who no longer rules according to what Allah the Almighty Lord has decreed upon him as a ruler who swore upon the Holy Quran that he will carry out his duties in taking care of this nation’s interest according to what the Islamic Syariah Laws entails?

Allah the Almighty has reminded us not to take those who do not merit our support when they cause us harm as a people by shirking their responsibilities towards us in Surah Al Maidah Chapter 5 Verse 57 :

57. Ya ayyuha allatheena amanoo la tattakhithoo allatheena ittakhathoo deenakum huzuwan walaAAiban mina allatheena ootoo alkitaba min qablikum waalkuffara awliyaa waittaqoo Allaha in kuntum mu/mineena

57. O ye who believe!
Take not for friends and protectors those who take your religion for a mockery or sport,—
Whether among those who received the Scripture before you, or among those who reject Faith;
But fear ye God, If ye have Faith (indeed).

What do you understand from this warning from Allah?

Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala Himself is telling us not to support or have as our leader one who does not take our faith of Al Islam seriously!

Allah the Almighty Himself is commanding us not to have as our leader or ruler anyone who does not obey Allah’s Commands in not involving oneself in the activities concerning intoxicants or gambling!

Are we deaf, dumb or blind to the clear prohibitions that Allah the Almighty has placed before us who claim to believe in Him or are we Kaffirs towards Ar Rahman?

Do you still consider yourself as a Muslim if you adamantly choose to go against Allah’s Ruling that we submit ourselves not to one who disobeys Him?

That is the reason why I have disassociated myself from being one under the administration of the treacherous PM who blatantly is committing a major sin in approving the sports betting gambling license!

There are many other areas which I find the ruling PM guilty of breaching Allah’s Laws but I will address them in other following articles, Insya Allah. As I have stated, this blog is surely for the sake of Allah the Almighty and as long as I shall live, it will remain so and when I do pass away, will remain as a testament to my striving in His Cause!

Let’s move on now to the MCA.

Its unfortunate to see the MCA be now led by a soiled President. Whatever moral fibres this Chinese political party once had has now evaporated by its choosing to vote for an adulterer to lead its causes.

I wonder what kind of an example are the Chinese population of Malaysia showing to their young to be the role model of their community?

Have the Malaysian Chinese Association members now lost any sense of morality by electing a proven and self confessed adulterer to be their President?

Ong Tee Keat was much more honorable compared with the current MCA leader in terms of not being engaged in any such scandals. He is not known to have committed corrupt acts or engaged in immoral activities yet he has been sidelined because he chose not to have inner cliques or circles hero worshiping him as the supreme leader of his party.

Can’t say much more than that of the MCA but if their party retains this adulterer as their President still, they can kiss their chances of any further roles in the next GE goodbye. Even now, the MCA is seen as a lost cause by many especially amongst the Chinese populace of Malaysia.

The last case I would be referring to here is the infamous MIC President Samy Vellu. This recalcitrant old chap has been terrorizing Malaysia’s Indian Congress for more than 31 years and no one seems safe from his tyranny.

He is as defiant as an old goat head butting newcomers out of the way to the MIC’s Presidential seat and the entire MIC echelons of so called senior party leaders do not have the spine to unseat the wily ol’ dictator. He is just like the proverbial slug that clamps on to the MIC presidential seat of ‘imagined’ power for dear life and as I see it would only be content to die as one. President for life!

All 3 BN leaders need to go if the coalition party wishes to still be in power after the next GE. This is what I foresee as a Malaysian voter and socio-political-religious activist?

Malaysians need to wake up and be prepared to make a change for the better if we wish to be free from these political remora’s sucking up the juices of this once prosperous nation, now running dry because of these leeches.

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