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The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

An Email from an Expatriate working in Indonesia

Dear Mahaguru58,

My name is Gwyn Welsh and currently working in Indonesia. I have been following your commentary in your blog recently.

I noticed that you have been spreading the word of Allah to all and sundry, of which I certainly believe it is a noble thing to do as a Muslim.

This actually brought me to think as to your opinion of the current government of Malaysia ruled by UMNO-BN?

UMNO has on many occasions in the past, declared Malaysia as an Islamic country.

However, I noticed that several recent decisions taken by the government run counter with the principle of Islam.

The Muslim majority ministers in the Najib-administration had no qualms in approving the betting license for Berjaya Group as you have correctly mentioned.

Does this make the Government of Malaysia less Islamic than say Brunei or UAE for that matter?

What would be the sin or punishment for Muslims who are party to approving the license?

Malaysia is a multi cultural and racial country and one could not help but to live together by expousing tolerance and attitude of give and take. Betting forms part of the life of the Chinese community.

They may have been rejoicing upon the approval given by the Malaysian government as betting football and other international sports could be made much easier.

Wouldn’t they be unhappy if these outlets or avenues for their little enjoyment be taken away by the government?

Isn’t it be OK for Islam should the non-Muslim community indulge in non-halal activities such as gaming, pork consumption and others?

What do you think of Malaysian politicians who fan racial sentiments once they have lost an election?

If you have surf into the blogs of A. Kadir Jasin, Dr. Mahathir and Khir Toyo, you may agree with me that they are fanning racial sentiments in order to unite the Malays under UMNO but not Pakatan.

Don’t you think they are behaving selfishly for their own political gains and survival?



Here are my answers :

May peace be upon you Gwyn.

Thank you for emailing me and asking these questions.

Frankly speaking, there are a lot of errors being committed by the present BN Federal government of Malaysia where they rule this country under a charade of being a moderate Islam oriented government but in reality they are just hypocrites taking the citizens of this multi faithed, multi ethnic country for a ride.

If you want to know the truth of the matter as far as my opinions regarding the eligibility of any one nation here on Earth to claim being up to mark as far as running their country according to what Almighty Allah and His Messenger the Final Prophet Muhammad the Mercy for all Mankind have decreed, there is not one nation that merits such a title?

None. Not even ‘Saudi’ Arabia.

You opinionate that if Malaysia as a country were to take away the privileges of betting on sports and other gaming activities, it would be infringing on the rights of the Non Muslims to enjoy non Halal pastimes such as gambling, consuming alcohol, consumption of pork and other choices?

As a Muslim who has come to understand my faith of Al Islam to be the ONLY Way of Life that The Almighty Has Decreed for us mankind, I have come to learn the reasons why Allah forbids all such activities for us who have faith in Him?

Reasons which if evaluated rationally and by researching in depth as to why Allah forbids all those which are forbidden to us, clearly shows us the dangers of such forbidden practices?

There are just so many forbidden activities for us to consider but let’s take a few of the major sins that are forbidden in Islam.

Let’s take the subject of intoxicants and gambling which are among the items you mention said to be the rights of the Non Muslims which are forbidden to us Muslims:

Allah the Almighty decrees them to be Haram @ Forbidden to us who believe in Him and in actuality equally harmful to the entire mankind:

This verse is from the Surah Al Maidah Chapter 12 Verse 90 of the Holy Al Quran Al Karim.

90. Ya ayyuha allatheena amanoo innama alkhamru waalmaysiru waal-ansabu waal-azlamu rijsun min AAamali alshshaytani faijtaniboohu laAAallakum tuflihoona

90. O ye who believe! Intoxicants and gambling, (Dedication of) stones, And (divination by) arrows, Are an abomination, Of Satan’s handiwork: Eschew such (abomination), That ye may prosper.

Let’s discuss about the consequences of any one taking alcohol.

Alcohol is very harmful to us human beings because it causes may disastrous effects unto our person.

When a person consumes alcohol, the drug acts on nerve cells deep in the brain.

Alcohol initially serves as a stimulant, then induces feelings of relaxation and reduced anxiety.

Consumption of two or three drinks in an hour can impair judgment, lower inhibitions, and induce mild euphoria.

Five drinks consumed in two hours may raise the blood alcohol level to 0.10 percent, high enough to be considered legally intoxicated in every state. Once a drinker stops drinking, his or her blood alcohol level decreases by about 0.01 percent per hour.

Signs and symptoms of alcohol use and intoxication:

* Smell of alcohol on breath
* Irritability
* Euphoria
* Loss of physical coordination
* Inappropriate or violent behavior
* Loss of balance
* Unsteady gait
* Slurred and/or incoherent speech
* Loss of consciousness
* Slowed thinking
* Depression
* Impaired short-term memory
* Blackouts

Signs and symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, experienced by alcoholics and problem drinkers:

* Tremors
* Agitation
* Anxiety and panic attacks
* Paranoia and delusions
* Hallucinations (usually visual)
* Nausea and vomiting
* Increased body temperature
* Elevated blood pressure and heart rate
* Convulsions
* Seizures

What are the Dangers of Alcohol Abuse?

In addition to risk of injury or death as a result of accident or violence, alcohol abuse poses a broad range of physiological and psychological dangers.

Neurological dangers include impaired vision and impaired motor coordination, memory defects, hallucinations, blackouts, and seizures. Long-term consumption can result in permanent damage to the brain.

Cardiological problems include elevated blood pressure and heart rate, risk of stroke and heart failure.

Respiratory dangers include respiratory depression and failure, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and lung abscesses. Additionally, alcohol abuse increases the risk of mouth and throat cancer.

Liver disease caused by chronic alcohol abuse, including alcoholic fatty liver, hepatitis, and cirrhosis, kills 25,000 Americans each year.

Other physiological dangers include damage to the gastrointestinal system (including duodenal ulcers, reflux, and diarrhea), the pancreas, and the kidneys.

In addition, alcohol consumption may cause malnutrition, disrupt the absorption of nutrients in food, and suppress the immune system, thus increasing the potential for illness.

Psychological dangers include impaired judgment and verbal ability, apathy, introversion, antisocial behavior, inability to concentrate, and deterioration of relationships with family, friends, and co-workers.

How Does Alcohol Affect Pregnancy?

Alcohol is an especially dangerous drug for pregnant women. Drinking during pregnancy raises the risk of low-birth weight babies and intrauterine growth retardation, increasing the danger of infection, feeding difficulties, and long-term developmental problems.

Heavy drinking during the early months of pregnancy can result in the birth of babies with fetal alcohol syndrome. These infants are likely to have irreversible physical abnormalities, including small skulls, abnormal facial features, and heart defects, and to suffer retarded growth and mental development.

Chronic abuse of alcohol can lead to addiction or alcoholism. The behavior of abusers and the consequences of that behavior are better indicators of alcoholism than how often or how much a person may drink.

Alcohol addiction can be characterized by increased tolerance, causing the abuser to drink greater amounts to achieve the same desired effect. When an alcoholic stops drinking, he or she will typically experience the symptoms of withdrawal.

What is Alcoholism?

Chronic abuse of alcohol can lead to addiction or alcoholism. The behavior of abusers and the consequences of that behavior are better indicators of alcoholism than how often or how much a person may drink.

Alcohol addiction can be characterized by increased tolerance, causing the abuser to drink greater amounts to achieve the same desired effect. When an alcoholic stops drinking, he or she will typically experience the symptoms of withdrawal.

Source : http://www.acde.org/common/Alcohol.htm

That my dear Gwyn, is just one example of how Alcohol or Intoxicants can destroy human quality of life when consumed. Allah the Almighty forbids us to partake of such harmful drinks for the very sheer reasons stated above.

That is just focusing on the physiological and psychological aspects of the harm that Alcohol brings to its imbibers.

Let’s take a look now at the social destruction aspect of those who drink alcohol?

Have you come across drunks?

Doesn’t matter whether it be youths or adults?

Drunk people will do things that rational ones will never even dare to do?

Take a look here and see how drunks try to manhandle and rape a CNN reporter?

Nowadays, people become victims of drugs and alcohol abuse where when they become unconscious or inebriated as a cause of consuming drinks laced with drugs or alcohol, they are taken advantage of and suffer permanent shame and moral degradation and at times even suffer from the rapes and contract life endangering sexually transmitted diseases some of which are fatal such as AIDS, etc.

It all starts from that one drink or drug abuse. Forbidden in Islam for these very reasons.

As a Muslim, I care for my fellow Muslim ummah and others as well, it doesn’t matter to me that they are Not Muslims.

If such a harm is devastating upon a fellow Muslim, I know for sure that my Non Muslim friends stand to suffer the same.

Why must I as a Muslim just stand by and watch destruction take place upon those who aren’t Muslims due to their taking forbidden stuff?

Where is my conscience if I am to just allow such abuse to befall my Non Muslim fellow human beings?

Our Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam teaches us to be good to our neighbors. That includes those who are not Muslims living next to us or within our community or nation.

It is our Muslim duty to look out for our fellow human beings who have yet to become Believers.

I’d be a very lousy Muslim if I simply followed the rationale of the ignorants that it is okay for Non Muslims to drink alcohol, engage in fornication and gamble away their lives as they please just because they have yet to learn about the reasons why Islam forbids all such evil deeds!

That is the reason why I don’t buy the excuse being given out by the BN leaders who say that such sports betting is only for Non Muslims!

Are Non Muslims not humans?

Do their families and loved ones not suffer when the father or the mother gambles away their hard earned money and squander away whatever little resources they have managed to earn and blew it all away in such gambling and betting activities?

Have we not learned of the disastrous consequences of all those who fell into serious debts as a result of their gambling vices which led to one miserable consequences after another for the helpless members of a gambler’s family?

Why must we who are Muslims stand by and just watch our fellow Malaysians who happen to be Non Muslims live a hellish life here on Earth just because they have yet to receive the Light and Guidance of Almighty Allah?

Any Muslim leader who approves such evil practices is not a leader anymore to me in my book!

He or she can go to Hell as far as I am concerned and I will not accept or regard such a leader as my Ulul Amri @ the Scholars and Rulers.

The PM has lost the respect I had for him when he approved such a sports betting license.

It starts with a little bet and gradually ends up as a loathsome monster which will destroy the livelihood of millions of my fellow Malaysians if not the rest of the mankind.

I do not wish to see my fellow beings no matter that they be Kaffirs end up as the losers in this sports betting devious scheme by the ruling BN to milk the haram income from such forbidden activities.

I can carry on explaining why Islam forbids all the other vices lengthily here but I think its better for me to do so in the following articles as my responses to you and those who might be having the same questions smoldering in their hearts and minds but not knowing whom to post them to?

Let us now speak about the Malaysian politicians who are fanning racial sentiments.

A true Muslim will wish nothing but peace and harmony for those who are under his or her political will or authority. Only the devilish ones will descend into being racist demons causing harm and misfortune to the ones not from his or her own ilk or community.

The Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam ( May peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) advised us not to differentiate between the races in His Final Sermon @ Khutba Al Wida :

Among the words that he uttered on that historic 9th day of Dzul Hijjah , 10th Year after the Hijrah in the Uranah Valley of Mount Arafat, Arabia were :

“O ye people, without doubt, God is one, just the same as you can have only one father. All of you are children of Adam, and he was fashioned from the earth’s clay.

Beware, no Arab is superior to an alien, nor is an alien superior to the Arab.

No red is superior to the black, nor is a black superior to the red. “

So, for any true Muslim worth his name, doesn’t matter whether he or she be a political leader or a commoner, it is a major sin in Islam to differentiate between anyone due to their race or lineage and not to discriminate between them just because they are not his or her own race or ilk!

True Muslims live to take care of their own and also others, without bothering too much about the differences between us who are the Believers and those who have yet to learn about Al Islam and their birthrights to it.

We are commanded by Allah the Most Merciful to :

125. OdAAu ila sabeeli rabbika bialhikmati waalmawAAithati alhasanati wajadilhum biallatee hiya ahsanu inna rabbaka huwa aAAlamu biman dalla AAan sabeelihi wahuwa aAAlamu bialmuhtadeena

125. Invite (all Mankind ) to the Way Of thy Lord with wisdom And beautiful preaching; And argue with them ( the Non Believers ) In ways that are best And most gracious: For thy Lord knoweth best, Who have strayed from His Path,
And who receive guidance.

With that I hope that I have answered your questions and fulfilled my duty to share with you what I have come to learn of my faith of Al Islam and invite you to learn about it just the same so we can all be blessed and guided by Him, Our Supreme Lord, Master and Creator.

Will be answering the other questions later, Insya Allah.

May Allah forgive us of our sins and help us to help one another in order to seek Our Salvation in Him.


May peace be with you.

Zainol Abideen
Protem President of the Muslim Bloggers Alliance

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