December 9, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

When the political buzzards start circling..something really stinks!

In the first place, these teenagers broke the law! How many laws? Let’s count them.

  1. Taking a car out without permission from it’s owner.
  2. Driving without a license!
  3. Grazing another car and speeding away!
  4. Hit and run after being involved in a collision with a motorcyclist!
  5. Failing to stop after being chased by a police patrol car!
  6. Driving on after being warned by the police through their patrol car loudhailer!
  7. Driving on after the car’s tyres were shot!
  8. Escaping from the law~ the culprit above.


And here we have the usual opposition lawyers ever ready to take advantage of a political coup de grace milling about the teenage offender like buzzards circling above homing in for a kill!

A media kill that is.

The law and order situation in this land has surely gone bonkers!

Traffic offenders and all other bloody lawbreakers are being toasted and serenaded as celebrities whilst the law enforcement officials and upholders are lampooned and lambasted by these political parasites!

Remember Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarnor? Instead of shaming the syariah offender, the media turned her and her dad into media luminaries! They ended up embarrassing the Syariah Court instead!

Would any of these bloody buzzards be willing to go protect our nation from the crooks and criminals at large out there?

You can bet that these attention seeking vermin won’t dare do so even for one single night!

The PDRM were just doing their job ~ apprehending lawbreakers!

The entire episode just took place as what any committed law enforcement officials would have done anywhere in the whole wide world?

You see the same old ‘championing’ faces out there at the press conferences every time there is an offender crying out as if he or she is bloody innocent in the first place?

The whole scenario just stinks!

Only in Malaysia will we see such a thing! Law breakers being championed whilst the law enforcement authorities ridiculed, cursed and lampooned by every Ahmad, Ah Seng and Samy out there as if they are so bloody perfect and infallible?

What a rotten stinking scenario this case has turned out to be!

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