December 2, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

The Idiosyncrasies of Malaysian Bloggers.

Not a day goes by without bloggers in Malaysia writing and commenting about the way, political theatrics and tantrums are being played out by those with vested agendas in Malaysia’s political circus.

There are many bloggers out there today whose only function seems to be nothing but dwell on the political shenanigans of politicians and social activists out to grab a major piece of the political power pie of the country by engaging in all kinds of theatrics and attention grabbing stunts meant to draw public attention towards them by all means possible!

There are actually many kinds of bloggers out there today. Some are totally dedicated to blogging about politics and are either pro the opposition or supportive of the establishment.

Today we have the Bloggers Pembela Negara who support the ruling government or those who group themselves as Bloggers Rakyat @ Citizen Bloggers.

Most of the groupings are usually self appointed ones and the government or the opposition parties concerned would not formally recognize them or associate themselves with such online groupings for obvious reasons that most bloggers who are either pro or anti these establishments operate independently, free from any political restrictions or rulings.

One can safely say that they are loose cannons free to either boost or toast either party as the bloggers wish?

Bloggers are just like the proverbial marauding gunslingers of the internet wild,wild, west and they usually do blog as they please and can even turn upon the very ones whom they have been supporting all these while at the flick of a second.

In a way, the advent of blogging opened up the mass communication channels to those members of the public who had access to the internet via ownership of personal computers and a live connection to one of the best thing to have ever happened to the global world of mankind.

Only thing that I regret is the way quite a large number of bloggers have in a way abused this new found platform of communicating their thoughts, views or agendas to the masses using unsavory language especially when blogging about social-political-religious issues.

I am all for the exchanges of personal opinions or viewpoint even if it differs from my values or principles but I long for decent exchanges between the blogging public as what is to be expected from those who consider themselves to be learned or cultured?

Just as we shuddered away from having to deal with uncouth people whom we sometimes are ill fated to meet and experience such an unfortunate episode face to face, I am sure that we will shy away from sites that contain more foulmouthed insults and toxic contents or comments that border on the depraved and ridiculous if not stark raving madness from a convoluted mind?

Having loyalties to any particular political party or coalition is part and parcel of every human’s personal freedom of association and rights but that should not mean that one goes ballistic against anyone who doesn’t subscribe to one’s political preferences.

To do so will only cause the reading public not to bother reading whatever daily swivel one’s polluted mind coughs up on to the internet?

I don’t need to expose to you who these ghastly, foulmouthed bloggers are?

You can easily spot them by the very drivel and venom they publish daily without bothering to consider that every word, every fitnah, every smear that they dish out without fail against all those they have a vendetta against either personally or politically?

Sometimes, these faultfinders don’t even know those that they tarnish in person but blog against them as if their targets are their sworn enemies?

If only the type of bloggers I am referring to will contemplate and consider as to the implications and outcome of their cyber assassinations they carry out either on someone’s orders or just as part of their own misguided beliefs or so called principles?

I yearn to see the day when Malaysian bloggers come to be on par with the mainstream media and each contribute his or her share in building a better nation by engaging in useful and productive interactions between one another even when belonging to differing political parties or associations.

That would really make my day. 🙂

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