December 8, 2023


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A father’s love ~My snapshots of human endeavor

As I traveled around in the old parts of Kuala Lumpur, especially in the area of the Chow Kit Wet Market, I came across this heartwarming sight of an Indonesian migrant worker laboring to transport goods from the delivery trucks to the stall operators there.

With his infant son snugly held by a cotton sarong, this loving father held his son with one hand and pulled a delivery trolley full of goods with another.

My emotions swelled with admiration for this man and I just had to capture them both visually so that I can share these snapshots of human endeavor fused with love as a reminder that no matter what, we ought not lose our appreciation for those who mean a lot to us.

I lost my son and daughter when I divorced and separated from their mother but my heart is always filled with memories when I carried them in more around the same fatherly manner in a life that is past but never forgotten.

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I wasn’t able to learn more about this man’s story but I pray for his well being in order that he may continue to fend for his child and that they be safe from harm’s way whilst seeking a better life here away from their homeland.


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