December 11, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

The Mirage of Political Correctness in Malaysian Democracy.

I have been following the recent developments in our nation and can’t say that I agree with all that is taking place on either sides of the political dogma that is being claimed as democracy in practice.

On one side we have the still ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) made up of 16 mostly race based political parties who are running the Federal Government of Malaysia.They rule over the States of Perlis, Perak, Negri Sembilan, Melaka, Johor, Pahang, Terengganu, Sabah and Sarawak including the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and Labuan.

The BN are made up of :

These 4 States are being ruled by the Opposition Coalition called Pakatan Rakyat @ The Peoples Pact, made up of the dominant Democratic Action Party (DAP), Pan Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) and the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR).

The Pakatan Rakyat lost the State of Perak to the BN on a technicality when 3 of their Opposition Members of Parliament betrayed their voters and declared themselves to be independent but threw in their support for the BN resulting in the balance of power in the seats of the Perak State Assembly favoring the BN and causing the ruling Pakatan Rakyat Perak State Government to have the political rug pulled from under their feet.

Naturally, the Pakatan Rakyat were very angry with such a betrayal of their 3 State Assemblymen and woman but since this is the political game that they are all subscribed to, the question of ethics, integrity and criminal breach of the respective parliamentary voters trust dissipated into thin air when the 3 turncoats adamantly refused to resign from their State Assembly seats.

The question of honor and dignity no longer remains as a vital part of those who come to be called as ‘Yang Berhormat’ @ ‘The Respectable’.

I for one have no such respect for those who betray the trust of the voters and have no conscious self dignity to vacate their State Assembly seats once they have declared themselves to be no longer members of the political party which nominated them to contest the general elections under their ticket and party banner!

Gross criminal breach of voters trust!

Does it bother them when they continue to live off the allowances given to them as the State Assembly men or women when they no longer function as the legitimate representatives of the political parties which the citizens voted into power?

Not even a wee bit!

Those who trumpet themselves as the saviors of the ummah or the very people whom they have betrayed by their sudden turn of allegiance to the party that the people voted for in the first place think nothing of continuously hogging the media limelight for nothing else but sheer narcissistic reasons!

They open their bloody big mouths and claim that they are looking out for the people’s interests, bla bla, bla…

No such thing!

All these traitors are concerned about is not about the people who despite calling for the traitors to vacate their posts which have now been adulterated by the sin of treachery but their own pockets and swallow their ill gotten gains each month without an iota of remorse or the evidence of any self conscience.

That’s why I dare say that there is now a mirage of political correctness in our Malaysian democracy!

Its now come to such a stage that there is no resemblance of any integrity or righteousness in either political factions. Neither the ruling BN or the opposing PR are free from such treachery.

Each welcome any of the narcissistic turncoat politicians with open arms and to the extent that even so called leaders based on our faith of Al Islam think nothing of such betrayal of the electorates trusts!

The way I see it both the BN and the PR are nothing but political opportunists and they follow the Machiavellian principles to the letter.

Both factions have passed with flying colors from the School of Machiavelli and are willing to sell their souls to even the devil as long as each gets to undercut the other no matter that they be brothers of the same faith and worship the same Lord Almighty yet do not fear Him in the real sense of the word!

There used to be a time when politicians were respected for their principles and integrity. Well, all that is past and those who clamor for media attention despite being the worst amongst the people camouflage themselves with all those holistic facades of being among the righteous ones when in actual fact they are so bloody far from it in essence.

I call upon you my fellow Malaysians to be well aware of all these turncoats and party hopping traitors.

They will sell us out for a fistful of dollars or ringgits for the matter.

In the next general elections, vote all these treacherous ones out for they deserve not the very posts that they are holding on to without the rights that they have sold themselves off for the temporal benefits of this materialistic world.

In the Yaum al Akhirah, Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala will expose their crimes for the entire humankind to see.

That, my friends is a reality.

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