December 10, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Embrace Life! Always wear your seat belt! A reminder.

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There are many drivers out there on our highways who drive like crazy, racing unnecessarily trying to out run each other without considering that in the event of they crashing into other cars, they might just end up killing innocent motorists and their unwary passengers if not their own crazed self’s in the process!

These chaps usually are the ones driving the high powered luxury or souped up automobiles which have often been modified to exude more turbo power, bla bla bla!

These fiends do not have any idea as to what a crushed skull looks like or felt their torso crushed onto their steering wheel or just whacked like a pancake from the force of impact due to a severe collision!

It’s one thing for a speeding idiot to die alone but when he or she involves others who didn’t break any such traffic rules and ends up dismembering them due to their own recklessness, then such behavior becomes criminal and when their victims die, they if still alive must be charged with murder!

The above safety ad drives home a very strong message to drivers who often forget to lock on their safety belts.

It can mean a whole lot of difference to us if ever we are to be involved in a collision?

It can mean either life or death!

Speeding will leave us bleeding!

Slow down. Drive with care if you love your precious family.

Buckle up.

That includes those in the back.

In case you are a passenger and you notice your driver not focusing on the road, do like what this old man does? Nag him or her till the person wises up! 😀

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