February 22, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Malaysian Politicians who commit Criminal Breach of Voters Trusts


Criminal Breach of Voters Trusts!

Let’s call a spade just that! I am referring to the current trend for Malaysian politicians who after being voted in by the electorate now tend to simply jump ship as they please by declaring themselves to be no longer a member of their political parties yet do not have the integrity to resign from their positions as members of parliament or of their respective state assemblies.

Who the hell do these self centered political opportunists think they are? If these crooks stood for election as independents, would they have been voted into power?

What can they do on their own as independents? Zilch! Nada…

Hell, they wouldn’t even have time to visit the constituents without a political party to back them up. Just look at the track record of all these MP’s or State Assemblymen or women who have jumped ship.

What have they done for the people who voted for them? I would be surprised if they had achieved anything for the masses. Usually it will always be a case of narcissistic exploits to get their ugly mugs published in the newspapers for self centered reasons.

If not for the electorate who voted them into power, they wouldn’t even be there in Parliament or in the State Assemblies.

This is clearly an irrefutable act that amounts to committing Criminal Breach of Trust.

The Election Commission must amend their rules and regulations to order any member of parliament or any of the state assembly who ceases to represent his or her party to vacate their positions with immediate effect and call for fresh by elections if we are to really have in practice the true democratic justice?

I for one do not condone such acts of betrayal by the politicians concerned who no longer deserve to be allowed access to the relevant seats of political representation when they commit such obviously acts of betrayal to their political parties which nominated them to contest in the general elections where the voting public entrusted them to be their Members of Parliament or State Assembly.

In my opinion whatever they earn from such positions after such blatant acts of betrayal to their voters surmounts to be Haram and they have committed a major sin of treachery towards those who trusted them to be their representatives!

Our country has ceased to be an honorable nation when it allows such criminals to be remaining in positions of power which they have continued to occupy by deceit!

They have no more merit to remain as the righteous representation of their respective constituency.

The politicians concerned no longer deserve to be addressed as Yang Berhormat but now ought to be termed as Yang Berkhianat.

Those who show their support for such MP’s and State Assemblymen or women to jump ship, switch party and become betrayers of trusts of the voters are in turn fellow conspirators of a major sin and bring upon themselves the Curse of Allah Azza Wa Jalla!

Malaysia’s politicians are now proving to be nothing but self centered opportunists who enter politics not for the people but to feather their own nests and fatten themselves up living a life of opulence at the people’s expense.

May they receive their dues both here in this earth and in the life hereafter!


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