December 4, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Do’a beseeching the protection of Allah to a newborn Muslim child.

When you have given birth to your child, recite over your child these words of prayer for Allah’s protection:

Bismillahi astar’ika rabbak, wa a’wwadhuka bil-wahid

(In the Name of Allah, I beseech Thy Lord for Thy protection and I place Thee in the keeping of the One.)

Min sharri kullu hasidin wa qa’imin wa qa’id

(From the evil of every invidious one, be he standing or seated.)

Wa kullu khalqin za’id

(and whatever other creature)

wa ‘an il-fasadi jahilin wa kullu khalafin fasid

(and from the mischief of the ignorant and every evil consequence)

min nafizhin au ‘abithin wa kullu jinnin marid

(from the meddler or disturber, and from every defiant Jinn)

Ya’khudhu bil-murasidin bi-t-turuq-il-muwarid.

(who takes advantage of any easy way of access )

La yadurrahu wa la ya’tunahu fi yaqazhatin wa la manam wa la fi zha’ni wa la fi maqam

(that they may not approach with harm while he wakes or sleeps, in no circumstance or place)

Sajis-al-layali wa awakhar-al-ayyam Yad-allahi fauqa aydihim wa hijab-allahi fauqa ‘adiyatihim.

(Allah’s Hand is above theirs, and Allah’s Shield over their misdeeds.)”

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