December 9, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

9-11 was an inside job! So say the Americans!

Whatever anyone says or produces evidence and proof that the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center twin towers was an inside job is conveniently being rubbished by those who do not care or bother about all those lives which were lost on that fateful day?

The video above produced by a growing number of Americans who want an official investigation into the tragedy is full of confrontations between those who were affected directly or indirectly by the massacre when supposedly hijacked airliners were crashed into the World Trade Center buildings on purpose and caused them to crumble into a dusty mass of mangled steel, burnt and turned into a toxic pile of asbestos, concrete dust and smoldering mass grave of all those unfortunate made for war collateral damage by forces unknown.

Here is a video shot by those who witnessed the attack :

These courageous Americans protesting without fail on every Saturday there at Ground Zero face the risk of being arrested by the New York Police Department and other American law enforcement agencies.

These brave Americans asking for answers to their questions are attacked verbally and at times physically by those who prefer to put 9-11 behind them despite clear evidences that point to the former Bush Administration of having had a hand in the devastation of those twin trade towers where thousands of innocent people lost their lives, burned and crushed to death by the bombed buildings.

Yes, bombed!

The visuals showing those planes crashing into the towers have times and time again be studied, scrutinized and investigated by forensic experts and professionals who dispute the explanation by America’s officials that the World Trade Towers crumbled due to the intensity of the fire which broke out due to being crashed into by those exploding planes!

Further investigations showed the controlled demolition of nearby buildings which were not directly hit or affected by the crashing airplanes but still came down in a pile and imploded from within!

Personally, I think that those firefighters and even the NYPD didn’t know what was going on because if they did I doubt that they would be willing to risk dying by being there on that fateful day?

It’s been 9 years now since and evidence is there of all those people who were there on September 11th, 2001 to be suffering from contaminants which they inadvertently have been exposed to by the volatile cocktail of toxins and deadly asbestos fumes and dusts brought about by the demolition of the twin towers!

How could these Americans simply stand idle and watch their American Government try to hoodwink their way out of this tragedy which they believe to be but an inside job carried out to warrant America’s attack on Afghanistan and subsequently go on to clobber Iraq and occupy that Middle East oil producing country for obvious economic agendas?

Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad is getting bushwhacked for speaking his mind saying that if Hollywood can produce such an award winning movie that is ‘Avatar’, those Americans surely could have orchestrated the 9-11 massacre!

Whatever it is, thousands of lives were lost on that fateful day! Hundreds of thousands if not millions of lives were consequently lost in the following wars that America unleashed onto the ill equipped poor suffering nation of Afghanistan and then the People’s Republic of Iraq which saw millions of Iraqis and their nation be carpet bombed back to the stone age!

American occupying forces then went on to occupy the Iraqi oilfields and American Vice President Dick Cheney who has vested interests in Halliburton and other giant oil conglomerates had a field day making billions in profits out of the ensuing ‘rebuilding of Iraq’s infrastructure’ projects!

If the World Trade Towers were not brought down on purpose, all those people still alive today, would the world have witnessed Afghanistan and Iraq be bombed back to the stone age as it has been today?

Saddam Hussein might still be alive today and Iraq still having its honor and riches intact?

Barack Hussein Obama Jr. might not have come to be elected as the first black American President and many other developments might not have come to pass?

Yet these questions remain and keep burning in the hearts and minds of these Americans and billions of other people all around the world.

Will we ever get to learn of the truth behind 9-11?


Only Allah Knows!

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