December 10, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Kuala Lumpur ‘Darul Sampah’? Why is DBKL blind towards all these filth?


Are you a KLite?

Have you not come across filthy looking areas such as the following visuals when you visit KL and its suburbs?

I captured these disgusting sights when I went to Taman Tenaga, Cheras this morning.

Empty ‘samsu’ @ rice wine bottles and other trash littering the areas around the graffiti and illegal ads plastering the public telephone booths!

Click on the photos to see what I am talking about?

Makes me wonder as to where the hell are the DBKL’s road sweepers?

Are there still any DBKL units employed to take care and maintain suburbs in KL like here in Cheras?

If they are, then why have they not done their jobs and cleaned up the mess?

Surely, that is what DBKL is formed to do?

Maintain the cleanliness, upkeep and well being of the environment?

But seriously, its been the same all these 8 years that I have moved here to KL from Penang and the general environment of these suburbs in KL and even in the KL Old city areas stink to high heavens with no proper DBKL teams cleaning up the place!

I regret to say that although I was there at the Blog4FT launch to highlight the ‘positive side’ of KL and the Federal Territory in which the nation’s capital is situated, these foul stinking areas of KL’s city suburbs discourages me from even considering publishing any such hypocritical blog post just to take part in it’s lucrative blogging contest!

I don’t have the stomach to do so for reality rears its stinking face at me here and wherever I go to in this so called ‘Wilayah Persekutuan of Kuala Lumpur’!

DBKL really needs to clean up all these mess before bloggers like me can sing it praises as expected by the Federal Territories Minister YB Raja Nong Chik!

There is such a thing called conscience!

Mine does not allow me to say its all sweet smelling, all bright sun shiny and nice when in actuality, the real deal with KL’s state of cleanliness is just so otherwise.

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