December 8, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

American Muslimah attacked in response to Fort Hood shootings!

Why is it that there are some narrow minded dimwits out there in America who fail to differentiate between an individual’s crime and tend to unnecessarily hate an entire people for another’s sin?

In this age of the internet, it baffles me to learn of such paranoia amongst the citizens of what is supposedly the most advanced nation on earth?

For all its modernity and advancements in the field of science and technology, its a bloody shame for America to have amongst its population, lame brained retards such as that hate filled moronus ignoramus who fails to see that the Fort Hood shooting was the crime of one single man who didn’t want to go murdering Afghans who had nothing to do with what happened on Sept 11, 2001 in New York?

Same case like that of the world’s most well known American boxing champion Muhammad Ali who didn’t want to go to war against the Vietnamese Vietcong’s back in the 60s!

America needs to learn more about being fair and just in the first place before trying to preach it to the whole wide world!

Its own citizens are now not safe from its own bunch of weirdos and racists growing in huge numbers out there today due to the wide spreading of false and malicious news and views designed to spawn a wave of hatred and Islamophobia amongst its ignorant masses of hillbillies and small town weirdos who have nothing better to do than be alarmed at the sight of a headscarf or hijab amongst their midst!

Why the hell didn’t this white ignoramus throw a tantrum when Timothy McVeigh bomb and smash to smithereens the Oklahoma Federal Building back then?

Was it because of his skin color?

I hope that the so called American Justice system lives up to its sloganeering of ‘Justice for the people, by the people’ crap!

Thanks to Brother Sharjeel Karim, the editor of the West Muslim Chronicle for alerting us to this injustice and hate crime by a crazed American fiend!

On another note, this expose by a former FBI mole who was paid to spy on American Muslims unearths an official American Government agenda against its own citizens who happen to be Muslims.

I denounce this treachery by the American Government against Muslims and hope that the United States of America’s Federal Government take steps to learn in depth about Al Islam instead of falling prey to its own delusions that everything and anything connected to Islam is injurious to its existence here on earth.

Do not fear the truth for it will shed some light to your darkened souls that is now reeling from the after effects of excessiveness in every field in the name of liberty for that is truly being so abused by its proponents to the stage that liberty has turned into a form of slavery that can only be enjoyed by those demons and devils amongst us in human form?

Seek the truth in Islam. It will truly set you free!

The true Islam of course, not your self invented ones.

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