December 2, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Muslim Reporters Uncover British Racism


“I haven’t faced as much racism in my life as I have during these eight weeks,” Rahman said. (BBC)

LONDON — Going undercover as an Asian husband and wife, two British Muslim reporters have documented the scale of resurgent racism and abuse, both verbal and physical, in the British city of Bristol, filming themselves while being bullied, attacked and racially-abused.

“From the moment that my colleague Amil Khan and I drove onto the road that would become our home for the coming months, we were subjected to the coldest glare I have ever experienced,” said Tamanna Rahman, a reporter of Asian origins.

Rahman and Khan, posing as an Asian husband and wife, moved on to an estate in Bristol earlier this year and used hidden cameras to record people attitude towards them.

During their eight-week stay, they recorded more than 50 separate incidents of racist attacks, both for their race and their religion.

“I haven’t faced as much racism in my life as I have during these eight weeks,” said Rahman.

“Over the course of our investigation I would have glass, a can, a bottle and stones thrown at me,” she added.

“On my second day on the estate I had a rock thrown towards me as I returned from a shopping trip.”

In one scene, stones are thrown at Rahman and she is told to get out of the area.

A young boy has also threatened to kill her and tried to steal her purse.

Another clips showed her being called “Raghead” and being told “Go away. Iraq’s that way.”

“I was called “Paki” and had obscenities muttered at me as I walked by.”

The word “Paki” is derogatory slang for an immigrant or descendant of Pakistani background.

“I just didn’t think humans could be like that,” Rahman said.

Britain has a sizable Muslim minority of more than two millions, mostly of Pakistani, Bengali and Indian origins.


Tamanna spoke about the painful adventure she had to endure in Bristol.

“Pretty much every time I left the house, and from many people I met, I would get frowns and generally be made to feel unwelcome- whether they were on the street, in their gardens, looking out of their bedroom windows or in their cars.”

She said the abuse experience ranged from physical attack to muttered insults.

”I’m sorry the thing that is going to stay with me the most is the absolutely hellish time I have every time I’ve walked out of the door.”

Bristol is England’s sixth and the United Kingdom’s eighth most populous city.

It is the largest centre of culture, employment and education in the region.

In the 2001 Census, 60 percent of Bristol’s population said they were Christian, and 25 percent stated they were not religious.

Islam accounts for 2 percent of the population and the Muslim community is served by at least three mosques.

Britain’s ethnic minorities are racked by the pain of racism with an estimated 87,000 members of ethnic minorities being a victim of racially motivated crimes.

Figures also show that ethnic minorities have the worst unemployment and housing crises in the country.

Some 70 percent of all ethnic minorities live in the 88 most deprived areas, compared to 40 percent of the general population.

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Assalamualaikum dear Muslimin and Muslimats.

There are many who out of their personal circumstances are forced to emigrate to UK, Europe USA, Australia and New Zealand to start either a new life permanently there or as an interim period in their lives.

What we see being exposed by is not something that the global media would bother to highlight for reasons that we all know would show just how hypocritical these so called champions of human rights proclaiming nations really are?

Muslims living in the lands of the Kuffar ought to know that the spawn of Iblis Laknatullah will never allow them to live in peace and they should either make a hijrah to the Islamic nations best suited to accommodate them or be in Muslim friendly or majority areas.

Rising Islamophobia is the cause of all this hatred that is wreaking havoc in the UK right now!

Listen to the no nonsense British MP George Galloway try to talk sense into an Englishwoman who wants all Non English to get the hell out of her country:

I guess its tough to be Muslim in the UK right now. No wonder that British Muslims are now getting more defensive and toughening themselves up to face the hatemongers and the racist British Nationalist Party!

May Allah protect those of you living there amongst the bloody racists!

* Thanks to Brother Mohamed Ameen for alerting me to this.

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