December 8, 2023


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Blog4FT ~ The Launch at Pavilion KL – postmortem.

Was at the launching ceremony of the Federal Territories initiated Blog4FT contest which was held at the Pavilion KL yesterday afternoon.

For all the hype and pomp associated with it, turned out to be a slight disappointment for me to see not a single true blue blogger be invited to speak at the podium.

I was actually hoping to see Ahiruddin Atan @ Rocky Bru be invited to say a few words in his capacity as one of this nation’s most famous blogger but we were witnesses to another form of official protocol at work instead!
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Here are some familiar faces of the Malaysian blogosphere :
Myself with Rocky Bru.
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Myself with Akhramsyah Sanusi.
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The presenter @ Rashid Salleh caused me and others to wince when he said, now let me continue in English, ‘which is so much better’ or something like that.

I wonder why the local born and bred in Malaysia speakers, presenters or hosts are prone to denigrate the national language every now and then at such public events and ceremonies?

What the hell is wrong with these people?

Are they ashamed to be Malaysians?

I stopped Rashid when he passed by me after the event and questioned him as to why he said so that it’s better for him to continue in English?

He answered that it was part of the script prepared for him. Really?

I guess we ought to call the British to return and reign over us once again so that it would make life so much more easier for these folks.

Pretty hard my man, having to speak in Malay!

I recall Sharifah Amani uttering ‘ I sound stupid if I speak in Malay!‘ at one of the Malaysian Film Festival before!


Wow! That’s thesis material, folks!

Go figure!

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