February 28, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Gopal Raj Kumar ~ ‘Going against the grain’ blogger.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Dear fellow Malaysians,

It is rare to find someone like Gopal Raj Kumar nowadays in the blogosphere.

A fellow Malaysian who speaks from his heart and shares his views out loud in his blog here

A lawyer friend of mine, Mr. Quintin Rozario who resides in Queensland, Australia emailed me this morning and alerted me to Mr. Gopal’s writings.

Quite impressed I must say for his candidness in tackling issues that were and are still considered as taboo by many who fear reprisals and repercussions for ‘calling a spade just that’ here in the open online media.

I am sure that Mr. Gopal Raj Kumar is not going to be a favorite of the anti-establishment factor in our local blogging scene for his open counter assault against the nation’s top faultfinding bloggers both identified and anonymous.

There is such a thing as principled blogging and those who prefer to be cybersnipers here in the blogging world.

Mr Gopal Raj Kumar shines forth as a ‘take no prisoners‘ kind of attorney who doesn’t mince his words when blogging about those who are the major players in the blogging field of our nation.

I recommend his writings to those who would like to purview an alternative angle on matters that are being discussed about the latest news and views here in Bolehland.

After all, aren’t we who are bloggers supposed to see things from all perspectives before coming to any conclusion as to how and where we should stand with regard to speaking the truth and upholding it no matter that it might even not be in line with our own principles or judgments?

It’s good to refresh and reformat our values every now and then in order to stay alert and up to date with whatever is taking place all around us?

Gopal Raj Kumar is a welcome relief from all the hate filled hype, that is being bandied about nowadays laced with pure hatred and chauvinism out there in the pretext of fighting against injustice and racism.

When push comes to shove, it has been proven time and times again that sometimes those who make the most noise aren’t exactly that squeaky clean themselves in the first place!

Go Gopal Go! Rock the world!

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