December 2, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

French Spiderman’s success atop KLCC exposes many things!

There are many aspects that one needs to take into account following the French ‘Spiderman’ Mr.Alain Roberts successful climb and conquering of the Petronas Twin Towers here which is also known as KLCC or Kuala Lumpur City Centre.

First, we have to congratulate Mr.Alain for his awesome courage and skill in ascending to the very top of the 88 storey building and proving to the entire world that he is someone who is really dedicated and has persevered in achieving a feat that not anyone else has managed to do so far!

Next, we have to realize that if Mr.Alain can evade the so called high security over there at this nation’s most notable landmark which was once the world’s tallest skyscraper, then the Malaysian government and its security agencies have now been exposed to have very easily penetrable security arrangements.

Just imagine if Mr.Roberts had been a crazed terrorist?

He could have easily planted a nuclear bomb there and carried out a devastating explosion that would have destroyed most of the surrounding area and its populace without any of our so called security forces even having any idea as to how he got to do it?

Our nation’s intelligence agencies have also been caught with their defenses down as proven that he has entered the country a week earlier and stayed at the Mandarin Oriental KLCC which gave him ample time to study, plan and carry out his operation.

How come no one detected his presence?

This man was arrested before twice after failing to scale the same towers in 1997 and 2007 where he managed to get only as high up as the 60th floor before being detected and arrested.

This glaringly shows that the security at KLCC are just for show!!!

I have a personal experience last year where my wife had her handbag stolen by a foreign group of thieves at the Level 2 Suria KLCC Signature food court when I had left her to go fetch a document in our vehicle at the basement car park for just about a few minutes!

There was a KLCC security standing just a few meters away from her and yet this snatch theft took place right before the obviously clueless chap?

My relief was that she was not harmed by the thieves. We lost quite a lot of valuables that day but my anger and disgust was by the irresponsible manner by which the KLCC Security Department handled the case.

We were not even allowed to see their CCTV recording which would have clearly shown what took place?

A followup police report at the Jalan Tun Razak Police Station achieved nothing also. The Investigating Officer didn’t even follow up with even a single call to me.

Incompetence at all areas!

They would have scrambled to do all that they could if it involved a VIP or any titled victim but since we were just ordinary citizens, those security people and the useless IO did nothing!!!

I applaud Alain Robert for proving to the whole wide world that this country’s defenses are now ripe for the picking of anyone else out there.

If our government and all its law enforcement agencies have any pride and honor, they should buck up and do their jobs as they are paid to do with a better sense of obligation and a heightened sense of responsibility both to us and their own befuddled self’s!

Bravo ye French Spiderman for what ye have accomplished!

Succeeded in your quest to stand atop the KLCC tower and for giving me this chance to vent my displeasure at all those who let us down that day!!!

You surely are a champion climber!!!

I wonder if the Malaysian Government will go ahead and make a Datuk out of you?

I mean, when they can give Shah Rukh Khan a Datukship for just prancing about here in Malaysia whilst earning millions for his acting, what is stopping them from dishing out another Datukship to you?

We all know that the government and our Malay Sultans or Governors dish out Datukships like Santa Claus hands out goodies at Christmas as they please!

Melaka and Pahang are tops at this. Melaka can be called Melaka Darul Datuk. If you throw a stone at a crowd in Melaka, chances are that you might just hit a Datuk!!!

Back to the French Spiderman.

You have done something that no Malaysian or any other national has ever done?

Who else is there in the whole wide world who has managed to do what you have just achieved?

Standing with your arms high up above the Petronas Twin Tower # 2 as a truly deserving conqueror?

Viva la French Spiderman!!!

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