December 4, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

The Haram Police! Watch out for them! Hilarious!!!

I love watching Baba Ali videos. He shows life as what it often really is!

Life is just too short for us to waste it looking for faults in others.

I myself have been accused as a moral policeman by my detractors. Hehehehe….

I was just watching out for my fellow Muslims especially those who are still young and ignorant.

My life has been a rollercoaster of the ups and downs of life and when I see someone repeating my own screwups, I just can’t bear to let them suffer as I once did.

So I approach them and offer them some tips so as not to get into the same troubles I once faced.

Life is but a series of adjustments. We get played out by people.

We get hoodwinked into buying things we don’t really need.

We get faulty products, goods and lousy services.

Experiences teaches us not to get caught in the same old situation.

Remember how life was before?

When we could really trust people?

Life nowadays is just so unpredictable and getting to be quite dangerous if you ask me?

I mean, we used to stop and help people on the highways who look like they could use some help.

Well, nowadays if you do that, you might end up dead.

Robbed and raped even bashed to bits and thrown into the nearest gully.

So we are really living in the End Times.

Where people are much more self centered and prone to resorting to violence to get what they want?

The Haram Police if there are any around would very likely get into harm’s way if they go around poking their noses into others affairs nowadays.

I recall reading about good Samaritans who ended up knifed when they went to help others.

Really scary.

Yet we can’t afford to ignore all these cries for help for they might be genuine and you might just mean the difference between letting someone suffer or help them out?

Still, it pays to be safe than sorry so I’d advice any Haram Police out there to be on the lookout and protect themselves either by learning self defense or go as a team.

Baba Ali might be funny here but he speaks the truth and at times, truth does hurt.

Watch out for any eventualities, folks.

Life is just so very unpredictable. It ain’t what it used to be.


I like his advice which is just so true.

We need to remind ourselves and those around us just in case we forgot?

No one’s perfect including myself.

Those who know the real me will attest that I never consider myself as a scholar. Never have and Insya Allah will never do so.

This mahaguru58 nick is just that. A nickname plain and simple.

I added the 58 so as not to claim that I am THE mahaguru.

Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala is The Ultimate Supreme MAHAGURU of us all.

At times I wish that I had not used the nickname mahaguru58 but its too late to change my blog id for all my writings and blog content are firmly associated with the nick and would be lost in cyberspace if I were to attempt such a thing.

I wish that people who misjudge me or my blog contents will have it in them to learn more about this dust of the earth and not misconclude anything just yet.

I am still learning about the various realms of life and the pitfalls that it has set up for me in my life’s journey.

Whatever that I come to learn I share with you my readers here as a form of advice.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Wallahu ‘alam.

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