November 29, 2023


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Michael Jackson’s Last Will ~ The Documents

The whole world is awaiting news of when the remains of the late King of Pop, Mikaeel @ Michael Jackson is going to be officially buried?

Pending the clearance by the authorities, it is reported that MJ’s remains is being kept in a private funeral home and that preparations are being made for a spectacular send off for the world’s topmost pop superstar from his Neverland ranch for a public funeral.

This is said to be the horse drawn white hearse which will be used to transport the remains of the late MJ to his final resting place.

Insya Allah, it will be a fitting burial for the late pop icon.

Meanwhile, those of you who are curious to know what MJ has left for his children can read his final will and testament drawn in 2002.

These are the documents of Mikaeel @ Michael Jackson’s Last Will.

Go here to view the PDF form of the original Will.

Click on them to view in a new window.

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