December 3, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Communism ~ Socialism – Does Malaysia need it?

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Dear brothers and sisters,

Calls for the return of Chin Peng to Malaysia.

Recent calls by certain parties in this multi ethnic, multi faithed nation of 27 over million Malaysians for the return of the then Secretary-General of the Communist Party of Malaya, Ong Boon Hua alias Chin Peng has sort of opened up a Pandora’s Box of emotions and feelings that were kept pent up and willfully forgotten in order to move on with the matter of nation building which should be the number one priority of every true Malaysian.

Yet there are amongst us, those who so fervently are pursuing this matter to the degree that they are now working in tandem with those who harbor and ferment the seeds of socialism and communist ideals amongst the masses of today.

Writings, articles, speeches and books produced and published by these socialists amongst us are today sowing the seeds of discord amongst Malaysians who on one hand are not that happy with the powers that be for all the social and civil injustices that are prevalent amongst this multi ethnic, multi faithed nation and on the other slowly getting a rude awakening that those whom they thought would be their saviors turn out to be more around the same as the ones whom they despise!

There are now so many who seem to be willing to dance with the devil in order to get what they want disregarding the high costs that such a gamble on their part with making such a pact with the ones who seek to destroy and demolish all that our forefathers had built up at the cost of sacrificing their properties and life’s to gain independence for this motherland of ours.

Personally, I am very cautious as not to make any conclusions just yet as to who deserves my support and who needs to be kept under official scrutiny for the very reasons that if left unchecked, these parties may just unleash a civil uprising over which neither the government of the day or they themselves would be able to keep in check the forces or the emotions that such an out of control crowd or mob might spark off?

The risks and dangers of such arousing of passions:
I recall the way things got out of hand in Indonesia during the May of 1998, Anti Chinese Riots took place in Jakarta and Surakarta when poverty and misgovernment met head to head resulting in a tragedy that took a turn for the worse!

The affluent Chinese population of Indonesia were made scapegoats for the inefficiency of the ruling regime of the then President Suharto and led to so many life’s to be lost, thousands of Chinese girls and ladies systematically gang raped, massacred and had their properties destroyed, looted and robbed at will by the marauding mobs!!!

The way sentiments are being instigated today by way of incitive comments, articles and writings in blogs and websites, one just shudders to contemplate as to what all these is going to lead to and unleash a frenzy of hatred and communal violence that when it takes place is not going to differentiate between the innocent ones amongst us and those who are guilty of mismanagement and embezzlement of all that they were entrusted with in the first place?

Take a good look at the way things turned out after the people of Indonesia were goaded to a state of dementia and lost all counts of self discipline and descended into uncontrolled anarchy brought about by the injustice against them in their own nation then?

No doubt, some of the demands made by the socialists and the communists are valid and ought to be taken into consideration by the ruling government, yet there are accompanying implications of ceding to their many requests that will scuttle the basic principles of our religious ideals and faith that will lead to a breakdown of all that we hold sacred and valuable for us as Believers in Almighty Allah and Al Islam.

Those who label themselves as Muslims but support communism are akin to denying Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala as God Almighty!

They need to have their aqeedah @ bedrock of faith checked to confirm their religious status!

Socialism might be appealing to those who want to see equality between the masses but in reality even those Communist leaders of the Soviet Russian governments and those in China put up a false front and enjoy themselves at the expense of the common folks in those so called socialist societies!

The many dachas of the Soviet Presidents hide the reality that the elite amongst the politburo enjoyed all the trappings of capitalism whilst the poor peasants who contribute the fruits of their hard labor scrape by with almost nothing and exist in a life full of suffering since their countries fell to the hammer and sickle propaganda!

Read here and here to find out for yourselves what the socialist ‘ruling caste’ enjoyed after supposedly getting rid of the capitalistic way of life?

Sure, the elite of our land are living it up over there in Putrajaya where the former 5th PM had that infamous ‘Merdeka Soiree‘ where the cream de la creme of Malaysian socialites ‘wined and dined’ at the expense of the rakyat and had superstar entertainers flown in to croon the partying ruling elite and all the ones who had business connections with the PM’s inner circle.

Read ‘Monsoon Cup’ players. The ones who were said to have utilized or diverted the Terengganu Petronas petroleum honorariums for themselves instead of using the money to develop the oil producing state, etc.

I really don’t relish digging into all those scandals for it is just not something that I would want to dwell upon.

I shall leave that to the growing number of investigative bloggers of our land. The ‘Sherlock Holmes’ of Malaysia. We do have quite a number of them, believe me.

The way I see it, things are not quite right here in our beloved country. That’s the truth. Yet I do not relish the thought of communism or socialism taking root in this land. It’s just the same kind of injustice where the ruling elite just put up a bloody masquerade of being so righteous and just when in actual reality they are not!

I recall the case where the present Opposition Coalition had a couple of its Assemblymen get involved in ‘charity sex scandals’ @ ‘sedekah seks‘!

Where the hell did those chaps ever get the idea or inspiration to come out with that kind of bullshit defense or excuse?

It just beats me!

If only the Malay Sultans and Raja could be a bit more proactive and really start to take care of their respective states and subjects, we wouldn’t have so many problems cropping up every now and then in this nation?

If only those who are elected or appointed really do their jobs as they are supposed to, we will not see so many criminal breach of trusts take place here in Bolehland?

I could go on and on with so many ‘If only’s’ that might put you to sleep so I won’t!

Let’s clean up the country and get rid of all the shysters both sides of the political playing field and try our level best to put this country back on track.

Easier said than done, huh?

Well….someone’s got to start somewhere…and I’d rather it be here, in our homeland.

Socialism and Communism have had their days in the Soviet Union and China. Look at what has happened there in the birthplace of such ideas and ideologies?

Same old shit with a pretentious label. That’s all.

Yet here we are facing the scenario of Chin Peng lovers all lining up to garland the notorious communist a huge welcome home.

The PKR Supremo Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim is rallying actively for the Communist leader to return home from Thailand.

Wonder whether Anwar or the PKR can guarantee Chin Peng’s safety if he ever gets back?

I am sure that there are many aggrieved parties here who would just love to see Chin Peng blasted to bits for all his Communist Party of Malaya’s atrocities back then during the Emergency!

This calling for allowing Chin Peng to return home might just be a ruse to throw the public off from the media attention to all the various political scandals that are rocking the nation recently?

Whatever it is, I hope Malaysia stays clear from all the dogmas and propaganda of those two evils.

Insya Allah.

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