December 4, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Are Malaysians patriotic? What? U don’t know what patriotic is? Haiyya…..

Frankly speaking, I guess that there are many amongst the current population of our country who think that life here sucks, this and that and dream of living overseas.

The average non Malay well to do Malaysians are prone to speak as if living here in Bolehland is really the pits and can’t wait to fly away to some foreign land where he or she feels that life might be so much more better than this homeland of ours.

Well, it is as they say that one has to go and experience life in a faraway place before he or she will realize the truth of the famous saying that the ‘grass always looks greener from the other side until you come and look back at what you have left in seeking greener pastures?

There are many Malaysians who left our shores seeking a better life who lament missing his or her kampong and all that Malaysia is famous or infamous for?

Click onto the video above and read the comment from one Malaysian living in the USA saying that he misses home. Hehehehe…usual story, huh?

We won’t know what we have till its gone or taken away from us? God Forbid!

I sure would like to travel and see the world but Malaysia is the only home for me and despite the thousand and one faults that we usually find in it, it’s the only place where we were born and where I’d want to be buried in.

For those who are now living in exile out of their own choice, I’m sure that they are hurting like hell, missing this land where you can find every faith under the sun and almost every ethnicity on Earth living here in relative peace except the odd news every now and then of some incident involving certain nationalities who run foul of the law or become victims of racial profiling due to the notoriety of some of their compatriots who somehow think that they can have it their way here in Bolehland?

Take for example two infamous Malaysians now on the run from the laws of this land.

HINDRAF Chairman in exile Mr. Waytha Moorthy now said to be living in England!

The other Malaysian on the run is the Malaysia Today Editor in Chief and Blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin @ RPK who is said to be living in Brisbane, Australia, the Land Down Under for his articles pinpointing current PM of 1Malaysia Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak and Najib’s consort Rosmah Mansor as responsible for a Mongolian model’s being blown to bits in one of the nation’s longest running murder trials that the PM and his wife have pooh poohed as rubbish!

No more teh tarik for you guys!

You can drool as you look at the roti canai, tosai, mee goreng, mee bandung, nasi lemak, char koay teow, rojak, cendol, ABC, etc. flashing before you in full color in the various You Tube videos uploaded by us. 🙂

We may have our crazies amongst the local politicians, each thinking that he or she is the gift to Malaysia ; we may have those who think that they are infallible ~ quite a number there actually ; we even have those who can promise us a ticket to paradise @ as long as you vote for them …

Malaysia has all kinds. It may not be perfect ~ but it’s home!

Malaysia Bull ~eh!!!

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